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It’s the last month of the year, which means it’s the last time I’ll write down my monthly goals for 2013. Hard to believe. Even so, I won’t let this month fade away until 2014 arrives. Nope! I am going to stay strong with my goals, manage my time wisely, and keep my eyes straight ahead to accomplish my work and dive into rest.  December is probably my favorite month of the year, for many reasons. It’s crossing the finish line, so to speak, with my business, as I send off all images back into the hands of my clients. It’s the month I get to slow down, take a deep breath, and step away from the computer. It’s the month we celebrate our Savior coming into this world, it’s the month of my birthday, too, and it’s the month where we put a bow on 2013 and say goodbye to a year full of challenges and successes. It’s a month of remembering all that worked and all that didn’t, the time to look ahead at a new year and welcome it with celebration. It’s the close of a chapter, like the feeling you get when you finish the last page of your journal, and the excitement that comes with picking out a new one.

This month, I plan to work hard and rest well. I want to focus on the little things that usually pass me by – taking time to wrap pretty gifts, trying a new recipe, taking naps (which I never do!). In general, I have a hard time resting. But this December, I want that to change. Here’s to a fulfilling month of focused work and lots of rest!

December Goals

15 in 12 : Read Margin & a novel for fun
Enjoying wrapping Christmas gifts beautifully (instead of in a rush!)
Complete gift wrapping by December 15th
Practice my Calligraphy on our Christmas Card envelopes
Complete all weddings and sessions by Christmas
Launch Mentor Sessions
Make and decorate Gingerbread Cookies (any recipe recommendations?)
Have a Christmas date night, complete with
• A fancy dinner while reminiscing all we did this year
• Our favorite Christmas Movie
• A drive around our neighborhood to see the lights
Spend Christmas in Nashville
Take more naps
Have a relaxed birthday at home

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Beautifully wrapping gifts and driving around to see the lights are two of my favorite December must-dos!

Excited to hear more about those mentor sessions :)

Oohhh! I just wrote mine out, but might go back and add the “take more naps” one from your list! That sounds like a great goal!! Also, I wanted to say thanks for the work you did for the Influence class! It was encouraging and helpful, and I felt like I had some real practical takeaways! So thanks!

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