These two.

Darden and Elliot. First of all, can we just talk about how amazing their names are? Second of all, they are genuinely fun people to be around… to the point that I didn’t want to stop photographing their session! I felt like I could have gone forever.

Darden is so sweet and so beautiful. She’s the kind of girl who doesn’t need any make up and is still gorgeous, she’s so down to earth and relatable, and she just puts you at ease.

She warned me when I arrived… Elliot wasn’t super excited about having pictures done. (Let’s be honest… what guy is?) We also had rescheduled several times due to weather and work, so I don’t blame him one bit. He was quiet and reserved, but as soon as I started asking him questions, I began to get to know the real Elliot and Darden.

Let me tell you… THESE TWO are amazing. They had me laughing harder than I’ve laughed at a session in a long time. We talked about paleo halloween costumes (yes – weird and hilarious!) and how he wished he had pranked me during the session! (Really hoping that doesn’t come back around on the wedding day.)

With that said, I hope you enjoy this sweet session. This couple seriously is the best!

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Congratulations Darden! You look gorgeous and will make a beautiful bride!! Happy wedding planning ❤️

Thank you so much Nancy! We are so lucky to have you guide us through this special time!!

We are so glad you are here!

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