One day in college, I shared my Spanish notes with a classmate who had recently missed a class, not thinking anything of it. Fast forward years later, and now I’m photographing that classmate’s wedding! How fun that Colleen and I stayed in touch after so many years.  While I minored in Spanish (and have since forgotten much of the language), Colleen has done an amazing job to continue her studies and become fluent. Yes, I’m a little jealous! When she first contacted me about her wedding, I had a Skype video chat with her while she was in Spain! (It was funny trying to arrange the times to meet since the time zones were quite different.) I loved hearing about her adventures in Europe, how Fletcher came to visit her, and how she was planning to get married while she was in a different country.

This engagement session was just as dreamy as it looked – beautiful 65 degree weather, lovely sunlight, and the sweetest couple to work with. This wasn’t our original plan, though – we had to reschedule our first session due to the crazy ice & snowstorm that came to NC. I’m grateful it worked out like it did, because it could not have been more beautiful.

I have to point out the big fields and long road, because that is the spot where Fletcher proposed. He drove Colleen in his pickup truck to that spot far away from city lights, when there was a meteor shower coming through. It was literally like a scene from a movie! They told me that right when she said yes, they both saw a bright shooting star soar across the sky. All I can say is, good job, Fletcher. Good job.

So excited for you both! Comfortable, sweet, and full of laughter – I know your wedding day will be sweet because it includes the two of you. Can’t wait!


Above: Notice the date on that sweet bracelet? It’s the date that Fletcher proposed! Fletcher’s mom gave that as a gift to Colleen, which was one of my favorite details at this shoot. Such a thoughtful gift!


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