Sweet, sweet Clare. This girl is such a treasure to us. We enjoyed every minute with her humble heart, fun personality and wise spirit. Clare came to live in Raleigh for the Summer just for this internship (talk about dedication!) and from the beginning of her interview process, we were absolutely blown away my her maturity, thoughtfulness, willingness to dig deep and to be fully present in whatever The Lord put in front of her. She was with us through our the first couple of weeks in our new studio, a lot of beautiful and very hot wedding days, and even joined our team during our vulnerable Plus Delta exercises, where we openly discussed what team members do well and how they can improve in a hot seat format.  Like all of our interns, we were beyond sad to see her go back to Virginia, but are incredibly excited for her and all that is to come! I’m so excited for you to hear about her experience with us. Take it away Clare!

And just like that the summer has come and gone!

Ever since I decided I would apply for this internship, I felt a peace about it. Being that I am not from the area, there were a lot of factors that went into making this a possibility. However, I knew that I would kick myself if I didn’t take a shot in the dark and just simply apply! Let me just say, I could not have imagined this summer any other way! Things fell into place quite quickly and it was an absolute gift and joy to be a part of the NRP team for the summer. Here are just a couple highlights from a wonderful summer with this sweet team!

It was so refreshing to witness and be a part of a business that first and foremost serves the Lord. Everything that NRP does and is made of strives to honor Jesus. They serve clients with self-less, hardworking, and loving hearts. They see each client individually and effortlessly serve every need because they know that is how Jesus serves. The foundation of the business is built with core values that seek to know Jesus more through their work and let me tell ya, does that shine through each and every one of them! I learned that something as simple as having a morning huddle (to-do’s and top priorities are shared along with scripture and prayer for the day) creates space for good, Christ-centered work to be done! There is something so special about that fact that their business is also their ministry and as a business student this is something I dream about, so it was such an exciting privilege to see it first-hand all summer!

Welcoming is an understatement for the NRP team! Each and every one of them graciously invited me into their work, lives, and hearts this summer. It is obvious that this came from a place of them truly wanting to invest in me and how they could make this intern experience as memorable as possible! I’ll never forget the first time I met both Callie and Olivia was on wedding day and immediately felt like I had known them for years. They went above and beyond to make me feel like a total “Raleigh girl” for the summer and I loved every minute of it! Between trying out multiple coffee shops, local restaurants, and boating on Jordan lake I truly feel like the summer was an endless adventure because of the time the NRP took to make me feel welcomed.

They are TALENTED. Each and every one of them creates gorgeous work with such ease and grace that not only reflects who they are as a photographer but also who they are as a team. That in and of itself is challenging, but they do it well and so effortlessly! Not only do they pour their whole hearts into serving Jesus but they match that by producing work that exceeds any expectation imaginable, it is so dang beautiful to see!

It was truly an honor to have had this internship experience and I am so sad to be leaving! The NRP team taught me how to love graciously, work hard, care deeply, and most importantly that your work can be fun, especially when Jesus is the center! This summer was so sweet and I cannot wait to come back and visit soon!










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