I remember right after Andrew and I got engaged people constantly asked me if I had already had my entire wedding planned after dating Andrew for 7 years, and being a wedding photographer. To be completely honest, I had nothing planned or thought out. I knew a whole lot of what I did not want or like, but not much of what would make up my “dream” wedding. There was immediately a long list of to do’s that had to be checked off and booked, because people book things further and further in advance now, so there was no time to waste.

Throughout my uncertainty of what I wanted my wedding to look like, there was one thing that was one hundred percent, without a doubt sure for Andrew and I. We wanted Nancy to capture our wedding day. I have known Nancy since I was really little (She and my cousin were best friends growing up) and she has shared in some of the biggest moments of my life. Andrew has also known her for quite a while through his sister and connections at NRCA, and she also captured one of the biggest days of our lives — our proposal! She has spent time investing in us as individuals, but also us as a couple, and we are forever grateful for her heart and the wisdom she has shared with us. Having Nancy capture our day already made it feel complete. Of course as anyone in the wedding industry knows, wedding season is packed and busy, so we had to make sure we found a date that fit with the entire NRP team, as Callie is a bridesmaid, Nancy is capturing the day, and Elizabeth is family on Andrew’s side. Once we had that set, I felt good about beginning to nail down everything else.


Our venue for the big day was probably the hardest part about planning our wedding. I had visions in my head of Spanish moss, or waves in the background, with lots of white details surrounding us. However, as we began our search and my sweet parents drove me all over the place looking at venues in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virgina, there just wasn’t anything that was clicking for us. I began looking through pictures of weddings that I loved hoping to find a common theme, white buildings with greenery around just kept reoccurring. Then while talking to my soon to be mother-in-law, she asked me to not think about anywhere specific, but to think about my “must haves” in my dream setting. Once I listed it out to her, she said, “Liv, it sounds like you are describing Carolina Country Club”. I had never thought of myself as one to get married at a country club, so I was so unsure at first. My mom went the next day to check it out and she texted me, “I think this is it”. I was so eager to really see it with my wedding in mind, but the minute we pulled up and I imagined walking down the aisle to Andrew on that front lawn, with the big white pillars, I was sold. Ever since then, their team has been a dream to work with and so incredibly accommodating.

Shortly after that, everything began falling into place. Each one of our vendors understood our vision and heart behind our wedding day. Our florist, Becca Taylor, at C and D Events saw our vision and has created it so wonderfully, and our sweet videographer David Tran of Charis Films, understood our hope to fully glorify our Savior on our wedding day and has planned with that in mind.

We are so incredibly grateful to all of our vendors, many who are not mentioned and can not wait for our wedding day and all the joy that it will bring!

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I love that you are so deeply rooted to the NRP team in every way, Olivia! So many cool connections!

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