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The WHY Behind a Team& our Top 5 Team Resources

The WHY Behind a Team
It was 2012, and Will and I were sitting across from each other in a coffee shop, discussing the big-picture future of Nancy Ray Photography. We were at a crossroad, trying to decide if we wanted to stay the “husband - wife team” route that most photographers took, or if we wanted to take a risk and hire associate photographers to form a team. We were nervous, and [...]

Olivia’s NRP Journey

Olivia's NRP Journey
I know this is a totally cheesy thing to say, but I honestly still find it hard to believe that THIS is my job. If you had told me 5 years ago that this is where I would be, what I would be doing, and who I would be doing it with; I would never have believed you. I often get asked how I became a part of the #NRPteam and I am forever clarifying that I am not, and have [...]

Elizabeth’s NRP Journey

Elizabeth's NRP Journey
My NRP Journey started before I even knew what was happening... the Lord just works in really cool ways, and it's always so evident when you take time to pause and look back. Nancy and I were roommates at App State from 2006-2008, where we studied Technical Photography together. Our days were filled with class, dark rooms and studios, fun photography outings on the P[...]

Callie’s NRP Journey

Callie's NRP Journey
When someone asks you, "What is your dream job?" what do you say? Whether it's an ice breaker question in a group of new people or if you're one on one with someone having a heart to heart, how do you answer it? In college, I hit a wall and started to realize how to answer that question truthfully, but ever so scared because it was such an out of reach dream. My dream[...]

The Journey of Nancy Ray Photography Part 2

The Journey of Nancy Ray Photography Part 2
2013 Caroline and I hosted Branches and Light in Texas, and it was stunning! Truly, it was one of the most beautiful experiences we’ve had. Shortly after, I checked off a big business dream: getting featured by Martha Stewart Weddings. In March, I had the privilege of speaking at Making Things Happen in Chapel Hill, which I’ve been speaking at every year since for [...]

The Journey of Nancy Ray Photography Part 1

The Journey of Nancy Ray Photography Part 1
Oh friends. Let me just brace you for the pure goodness you are about to experience. This is my journey as a small business owner as I’ve grown and poured into Nancy Ray Photography for the past 10 years. Get ready for some good laughs, hilarious photos, and candid thoughts as I take a trip down memory lane! 2008 2008 is when it all began. I was majoring in Tech[...]

The Most Surprising Effect of Our Internship Program

The Most Surprising Effect of Our Internship Program
6 years ago, I was completely overwhelmed. I finally stopped long enough to realize that I needed help in the studio, and I hired my first intern (link to “meet robin blogpost). I’m not gonna lie - it was incredibly helpful! I got more done and was less stressed because I had help. But this internship program has turned into not only a helpful resource for our studio,[...]

Planning for Extended Time OffMaternity Leave 2.0!

Planning for Extended Time Off
“I could never take a sabbatical.” “No one could do my job for me.” “What if they mess up?” “What if I miss an opportunity?” I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - delegating is one of the hardest, most rewarding aspects of being a business owner. Taking extended time off is one of the most challenging and best things a Type A person like me can do. And the[...]

The Secret to our Team Meetings

The Secret to our Team Meetings
Wanna know the secret to our team meetings? Stick to a planned agenda! Here's a glimpse behind the exact agenda we use for every single team meeting: NRP's Level 10 Meeting Agenda (as adopted from Traction) 5 Minutes - Prayer and Good News - We each share brief personal and work good news 5 Minutes - Scorecard Review - We report on our individual scorec[...]