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Elizabeth’s Maternity Leave

Elizabeth's Maternity Leave
Image by Callie from our amazing maternity session It does not even feel right that I’m writing this blogpost, but here it is you guys: Me and my extremely pregnant be-hind are officially off on maternity leave while we wait for our Tate twins to arrive! As you read this, I’m over 32 weeks pregnant and riding the struggle-bus (in the best way possible)… everything i[...]

The WHY Behind a Team& our Top 5 Team Resources

The WHY Behind a Team
It was 2012, and Will and I were sitting across from each other in a coffee shop, discussing the big-picture future of Nancy Ray Photography. We were at a crossroad, trying to decide if we wanted to stay the “husband - wife team” route that most photographers took, or if we wanted to take a risk and hire associate photographers to form a team. We were nervous, and [...]

Olivia’s NRP Journey

Olivia's NRP Journey
I know this is a totally cheesy thing to say, but I honestly still find it hard to believe that THIS is my job. If you had told me 5 years ago that this is where I would be, what I would be doing, and who I would be doing it with; I would never have believed you. I often get asked how I became a part of the #NRPteam and I am forever clarifying that I am not, and have [...]

Elizabeth’s NRP Journey

Elizabeth's NRP Journey
My NRP Journey started before I even knew what was happening... the Lord just works in really cool ways, and it's always so evident when you take time to pause and look back. Nancy and I were roommates at App State from 2006-2008, where we studied Technical Photography together. Our days were filled with class, dark rooms and studios, fun photography outings on the P[...]

Callie’s NRP Journey

Callie's NRP Journey
When someone asks you, "What is your dream job?" what do you say? Whether it's an ice breaker question in a group of new people or if you're one on one with someone having a heart to heart, how do you answer it? In college, I hit a wall and started to realize how to answer that question truthfully, but ever so scared because it was such an out of reach dream. My dream[...]

The Journey of Nancy Ray Photography Part 2

The Journey of Nancy Ray Photography Part 2
2013 Caroline and I hosted Branches and Light in Texas, and it was stunning! Truly, it was one of the most beautiful experiences we’ve had. Shortly after, I checked off a big business dream: getting featured by Martha Stewart Weddings. In March, I had the privilege of speaking at Making Things Happen in Chapel Hill, which I’ve been speaking at every year since for [...]

The Journey of Nancy Ray Photography Part 1

The Journey of Nancy Ray Photography Part 1
Oh friends. Let me just brace you for the pure goodness you are about to experience. This is my journey as a small business owner as I’ve grown and poured into Nancy Ray Photography for the past 10 years. Get ready for some good laughs, hilarious photos, and candid thoughts as I take a trip down memory lane! 2008 2008 is when it all began. I was majoring in Tech[...]

The Most Surprising Effect of Our Internship Program

The Most Surprising Effect of Our Internship Program
6 years ago, I was completely overwhelmed. I finally stopped long enough to realize that I needed help in the studio, and I hired my first intern (link to “meet robin blogpost). I’m not gonna lie - it was incredibly helpful! I got more done and was less stressed because I had help. But this internship program has turned into not only a helpful resource for our studio,[...]

Meet Our 2017 Fall Intern Becca!

Meet Our 2017 Fall Intern Becca!
I am so excited for y'all to meet our amazing Fall intern today! In the past couple of weeks, Becca has quickly become an incredible addition to our team. She's joyful, hard working and loves so many of the same things that we do - her family, photography and Jesus. She has one of the most humble spirits and her willingness to learn is indescribable. Our team has a fu[...]

Izzy’s Summer Internship Experience

Izzy's Summer Internship Experience
This was the first year that we decided to offer a summer internship and I am so grateful for our wonderful intern, Izzy! Our team has a lot going on his season - Nancy's maternity leave, Elizabeth learning that she's expecting twins, temporarily moving our NRP Studio to my parent's house for a month, shooting tons of weddings and sessions, and working towards some ex[...]