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2017 Behind the Scenes

2017 Behind the Scenes
This is it! Our favorite post of the year! Every January we take the time to recap our favorite sessions, weddings, and families, and then we finish up with our Behind the Scenes blogpost that captures our crazy shenanigans as we work hard to love our clients well. In this post, you'll get to see and hear from myself, Callie, and Olivia as we recap some favorite mo[...]

2018 Internship Program

2018 Internship Program
I am so excited to announce we are now accepting applications for our Spring, Summer, and Fall Internships for 2018! See the specific dates below! Ready to apply? Click here! This presents an enriching experience for someone to learn business and photography in a growing studio with multiple photographers. We will be accepting applications through January 31st, inte[...]

Merry Christmas! Love, The NRP Team

Merry Christmas! Love, The NRP Team
Merriest Christmas from our family to yours! At Nancy Ray Photography, we value family more than anything. From December 20th until January 10th, we will all be taking some much needed time off to make memories with our families and rest! We will be checking emails periodically during this time, but we appreciate your patience as we won't have normal studio hours. [...]

Becca’s Fall 2017 Internship Experience

Becca's Fall 2017 Internship Experience
This year the NRP Team was blessed with 3 amazing interns (read about Anna and Izzy). Without these ladies, we would not have accomplished everything that we did this year. Anna was with us during our first course launch, Izzy was loyal and hardworking during Nancy's maternity leave and Becca graciously worked on big projects like constructing and sending all of our c[...]

Goodbye NRPby Elizabeth, our family photographer

Goodbye NRP
Hi friends, Last you guys heard from my heart on the blog, we were announcing my Maternity Leave with NRP - something that is in full swing right now! After reading that, some of you may have wondered what’s next for me. Hold on tight, this is a long one. After several months of prayer, conversation with family, and taking a good look at how my life is about to cha[...]

Elizabeth’s Maternity Leave

Elizabeth's Maternity Leave
Image by Callie from our amazing maternity session It does not even feel right that I’m writing this blogpost, but here it is you guys: Me and my extremely pregnant be-hind are officially off on maternity leave while we wait for our Tate twins to arrive! As you read this, I’m over 32 weeks pregnant and riding the struggle-bus (in the best way possible)… everything i[...]

The WHY Behind a Team& our Top 5 Team Resources

The WHY Behind a Team
It was 2012, and Will and I were sitting across from each other in a coffee shop, discussing the big-picture future of Nancy Ray Photography. We were at a crossroad, trying to decide if we wanted to stay the “husband - wife team” route that most photographers took, or if we wanted to take a risk and hire associate photographers to form a team. We were nervous, and [...]

Olivia’s NRP Journey

Olivia's NRP Journey
I know this is a totally cheesy thing to say, but I honestly still find it hard to believe that THIS is my job. If you had told me 5 years ago that this is where I would be, what I would be doing, and who I would be doing it with; I would never have believed you. I often get asked how I became a part of the #NRPteam and I am forever clarifying that I am not, and have [...]

Elizabeth’s NRP Journey

Elizabeth's NRP Journey
My NRP Journey started before I even knew what was happening... the Lord just works in really cool ways, and it's always so evident when you take time to pause and look back. Nancy and I were roommates at App State from 2006-2008, where we studied Technical Photography together. Our days were filled with class, dark rooms and studios, fun photography outings on the P[...]

Callie’s NRP Journey

Callie's NRP Journey
When someone asks you, "What is your dream job?" what do you say? Whether it's an ice breaker question in a group of new people or if you're one on one with someone having a heart to heart, how do you answer it? In college, I hit a wall and started to realize how to answer that question truthfully, but ever so scared because it was such an out of reach dream. My dream[...]