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Baby Shower for Emily Thomas

Baby Shower for Emily Thomas
Sweet Blueberry! I already love this precious baby girl, and we of course have plans for Milly and Blueberry to be the best of friends. See that necklace above? That's how Emily and John told us they were expecting! They gave that little necklace to Milly and of course we began jumping up and down, so excited for them! Since Emily and my sister threw me a baby shower [...]

Joshua Cecil’s Birthday

Joshua Cecil's Birthday
I love the story of how Joshua Cecil Isaacson entered the world, because it will always remind me of one thing: God answers prayers. Joshua himself is an answer to prayer, after Lara and Ari had hoped and prayed for another child. But in a personal way for me and for Lara, God answered some very specific prayers the week he was born. Before I continue, you should r[...]