Caroline and Patrick had the most beautiful wedding day on Saturday! We kept our eyes on the weather as we were expecting to get a few showers throughout the day, but the rain only started once we were done with all the photos and safely inside the Pavilions at the Angus Barn. (And even then, it was just a brief shower to cool everything down.) Just like their stunning beach engagement session and just like her bridal session, the weather could not have been more perfect!

Caroline is so beautiful. Her blue eyes and gorgeous smile make her beauty so effortless – she’s the kind of person who could wear no make up and still be stunning. Not only is she beautiful, but her sweet spirit makes everyone around her calm and happy. Even on the day of her wedding, she was calm and collected every moment. It has been such a joy photographing such a sweet bride!

Venue: The Arboretum
Film : Indie Film Lab

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Brianne Dougherty

Love my new sister! So beautiful, you did such a wonderful job Nancy, thank you for everything! Can’t wait to see the wedding shots!

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