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I still have to pinch myself when I see our wedding in Volume 7 of Southern Weddings Magazine. It was a true honor to have our love story and wedding day featured in their magazine and then later on their blog. I have followed Southern Weddings for quite some time and remember the exact moment that I told Nancy it would be a dream to have my wedding featured in their magazine.

The wedding industry has so much to offer to brides planning their wedding, from magazines to blogs to pinterest. There are so many wonderful places for brides to find inspiration for their wedding and engaged women to be encouraged about planning more for than marriage and less for their wedding. While there is never a guarantee that your wedding will be featured or published (it often depends on the need of the specific blog or magazine for the specific time of year), there are some ways that you can increase the likelihood of getting a feature. Here are 4 tips you can implement to help get your wedding featured, if that is something that is important to you:

1. Talk with your photographer about your interest in potentially submitting your wedding for a publication

Like I mentioned above, I can remember the moment when I told Nancy that it would be a dream to have my wedding featured in Southern Weddings Magazine. It was at the very beginning on my engagement, as Jamie and I began to plan the larger details of our wedding – venue, vendors, etc. I knew we would have a Southern wedding, but it wasn’t until these details came into focus that I began to think that our wedding would be a good fit for their magazine.

Discussing your favorite publications, magazines and blogs with your photographer throughout your engagement will allow you both to be in unity with the style and vision you have for your big day. Because Nancy knew I loved Southern Weddings Magazine, she took a special effort to shoot in film, capture additional details, and focus on the Southern elements of the wedding day. It always helps to know in advance, rather than springing it on your photographer later!

2. Prepare your details

If you look at wedding blogs or magazines frequently, you will notice that they like to publish lots of images of the details of your wedding day – floral arrangements, paper goods, etc. These are the images where brides will find inspiration for their own weddings. It’s important to prepare the details for your photographer, so they can take time to photograph them. To learn more about what this actually means, read this blogpost.

Here’s an extra tip for you photographers out there: study your publications! For example, we know that Martha Stewart Weddings and Southern Weddings Magazine both prefer vertical shots of the invitation suite. It’s the little things that will help you increase your chances for being featured, but you have to really learn what those blogs are looking for in order to implement them on the wedding day.

3. Don’t make wedding planning decisions based on a publication

If you follow one specific wedding blog or magazine, you will begin to pick up on their style or heartbeat – the kind of weddings or images that they like to feature. However, do not plan your wedding around their preferences! This is YOUR day, not theirs. It is much more important to design and plan your wedding based on what you like and what is meaningful to you. Do not let a publication opportunity make your decisions for you. I promise your wedding will be so much more meaningful if you and your fiancé make these decisions on what you want!

Focus every wedding planning decision around this one question: What reflects us, as a couple, the most? It can be tempting to get lost in the world of publications, but when you are 80 years old, you really won’t care. Focus on your marriage and your own personal preferences over those of a blog or magazine.

4. Keep your expectations low

Unfortunately, publication can never be promised by your photographer or planner. If your wedding is not accepted for a publication, it does not mean it is not special or beautiful! Hold on to that truth in knowing that you planned a beautiful and special wedding based around what you love and not what other people think of it. Over time we have submitted some breathtakingly beautiful weddings for features, only to get turned away. When we ask these publications why they weren’t accepted, it’s often because they already have agreed to feature a pink wedding, or because they have already scheduled a barn wedding and need a church wedding, or because it’s simply not a good fit with their brand. Have low expectations, because you never know what a publication needs in that particular season!  

I am so incredibly thankful for all the Southern Weddings ladies who stand for strong and beautiful marriages. Thank you so much for featuring our wedding and telling our love story. Be sure to see our blog feature here and the magazine feature here.


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Couldn’t have said it better myself! Thank you for sharing!!

I loved seeing your wedding gracing the first pages of the Real Weddings section of V7, Callie! After seeing you and Jamie’s wedding video, it was so fun to see the details in print a few months later :)

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