Communicate, communicate, communicate. Here at Nancy Ray Photography, we believe in over communicating with our brides because it brings us great success on the wedding day. Here are some reasons why we believe this:

1. It’s important to clear up any loose ends BEFORE the wedding day
2. It provides the photographer with the information to arrive as prepared as possible
3. It relieves a lot of potential stress and confusion

Yes, my photographer is one of my closest friends and yes, we work together on a regular basis, but Nancy made it a point for us to set aside time to discuss my wedding day. Discussing all of the details beforehand will give you more piece of mind, allow you to trust your photographer and enjoy your wedding day without worry!

Some things that you should think about discussing with your wedding photographer:

Your wedding day timeline (ex. the locations, how everything will flow and at what point things will happen)
Your desired family picture combinations (ex. Pitts extended family picture, Picture with my mom and grandmother)
Any special moments that will be happening that you would like photographed (ex. gift exchanges, choreographed dances or special toasts)
Any specific things you wish to be photographed (ex. your grandmother’s white bible you’re carrying down the aisle, your great aunt, or a photograph of you and your husband at a specific location)

The more information you can convey to your photographer, the better! Every bride and wedding is different and it’s important to let your photographer know how best they can serve you. Think through your wedding day, detail by detail, and ask yourself if you think it might by helpful for your photographer to know more about that detail or situation. Is natural light important to you? Do you have any family situations that they should be made aware of? Will you have a videographer on your wedding day?

Even as a photographer, I knew that I was able to be fully present as a bride my wedding day, because Nancy and Will knew everything they needed to know beforehand. What an amazing gift they were able to give me!

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Hi Nancy, you have a great site and nice blog. I hope we get a chance to work together this wedding season. Take care!

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