Caitlin and Joe Duke Gardens Film Engagement Session

I love how small the world can become as soon as you get to talking with someone. I met Caitlin and Joe at Duke Gardens for their engagement session and they were as kind as ever. However, once we got to talking Caitlin and I realized how many of the same people we knew! Going to rival high schools we grew up with a lot of the same people! It was so fun to chat about the different friends in common we had and about where they are today. It was also incredibly sweet to watch Joe just listen attentively to Caitlin as she talked all about her growing up.

These two are both in sales and spend a lot of time having to be “on”, so I loved getting to hear about how their favorite things to do together are all low-key. They truly just enjoy being together. Whether that is on a big diving adventure (yes, they actually do that and Joe became certified to keep up with Caitlin) or just watching their favorite show at home; they love their time together. It was so refreshing to be with them both. Caitlin giggled the whole time (my favorite thing to happen at a session) and Joe was calm and kind. He always spoke very highly of Caitlin, even when poking fun at her. They brought their pup, Captain, with them and he was probably more excited than any of us to be there! Spending the evening with Caitlin and Joe made me so excited for their wedding!

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