My heart is so full.  I could not have asked for a better start to the year. Branches and Light has changed me for the better, and I don’t want to look back.

It all started as a simple idea as Caroline and I were video-chatting one day about a year ago.  Since then, we committed whole heartedly to planning a workshop that was genuine and refreshing, that empowers ladies to take their photography business full time.  We met face to face via video-chat once a week for 10 months, putting every detail of this workshop together.  Looking back, I am amazed at how it all came together so beautifully.

Now, as I sit here drinking my coffee, I can’t believe that it came and went so quickly.  Caroline and I spent 10 days together – the first 5 in Texas, the last in Raleigh.  We had not seen each other in person in over a year and a half, but as soon as she picked me up in Dallas, it was like we hadn’t missed any time!  True friendship is like that I guess.

And Texas?  Man do I love that place!  Southern Hospitality (much like NC!), flat land, Whataburgers, NO trees, Perini’s, Self-serve Green Tea at Panera (yeaaahhh!), Pappasito’s and BBQ on every corner.  The only let down was that they don’t serve sweet tea like they do in NC – some restaurants don’t even offer it!  I couldn’t believe it.  But it was okay, because I showed Caroline what sweet tea is supposed to taste like once we made our way back to a Bojangles in Raleigh.

The incredible Lauren Kelly was our stylist for Branches & Light : Dallas.  Take a look at her beautiful site, Love, Milk & Honey.

Confession : Caroline and I went to four different Anthropologies over the course of ten days.  FOUR. Amazing.

Our stylist for the Raleigh workshop was the lovely Samantha Crowder who did a stunning job.  (Pictured above with the glasses!)

I think my favorite topics we covered were fear and goals.  and organization. and business. oh, and workflow and branding.  Oh wait… those are all the topics :].  But seriously, Caroline’s talk on fear brought lots of honesty and tears.  It was the perfect way to begin an honest time together.  Here are a few from our Dallas workshop at The Sanford House :

Many thanks to Caroline for grabbing a few photos of me as well!

Now a few from our Raleigh Workshop in my home studio…

I am so honored to have met each lady who attended the Branches and Light Workshop.  It was such a genuine time of sharing and growth, even a few teary moments happened in each workshop.  I’m especially  honored to have shared the experience with Caroline, someone who I look up to tremendously.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart to each lady who attended – I am truly blessed to have met you.  I can’t wait for the next one!

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[…] Back in 2009, I attended the Love Affair Workshop for lady photographers and met my sweet sweet friend Caroline Joy. (Sorry friends, the workshop doesn’t exist anymore!) It was so much fun to find a likeminded photographer, business owner, and friend who shares the same beliefs about faith, work, and life in general. Caroline and I decided to launch our own workshop called Branches and Light, and in January of 2011 we hosted our first workshop in Dallas, TX, then a week later hosted our second workshop in Raleigh, NC. […]

I don’t truly treatment how or after i get the Letters in the Mail. Every time it arrives, it feels like a letter should be. It’s suddenly there in my mail box one particular day. A awesome, tangible surprise. I am for you doing whatever you want when you send it. Mix it up for your men and women who help get it sent out. Include crumbs from your lunch. Coffee stains. Whatever. Keep the tedious character of getting letters out to a minimum by doing whatever you feel like that day. The arrival in the letter and the words with the author inside are what matters. Personally, what I like greatest about The Rumpus is that I by no means know what I’ll read that day. Or if there isn’t one which day, maybe it’s because Stephen couldn’t locate anything to say or there was as well much going on.

I need you ladies to do another one so I can come!!!

The workshop was so wonderful. I learned so much…you and Caroline really made me think. I appreciate that so much!

hi nancy :) my name is shalyn, and i am friends with lauren moore. she wanted me to attend this workshop, and you have no idea how badly i wanted to! hopefully in the future we will cross paths! :)

FOUR! I am amazingly jealous! I think it’s so great that you did this nancy, you are so knowledgeable and such a great teacher. Those attendees are lucky ladies!

lauren kelly was in my sorority at baylor!! small world!!

We all learned SO much that day, and it was so fun to get to know one another! I just loved how open and genuine you and Caroline both were, and it was truly an inspirational day and I can’t wait to see where each of us ends up with our businesses! Many, many thanks to you ladies!! Reunion soon, hmm? :) xoxoxo

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