Yes, it is true! Jamie and I are new puppy parents and we could not be more excited. You see, since Jamie and I started dating, I knew that he was an animal lover (particularly a dog lover). Even in his brother’s toast at our wedding, I was warned about his love of dogs. If it were ultimately up to Jamie, we would probably have 20 dogs frolicking around in our backyard. (Not kidding!) The good news is, that I love dogs too! We both grew up with labs, so we have known for a while now that if and when we were going to get a precious puppy, it would definitely be a lab!

We found an available litter of silver Labs in Greensboro a couple months ago through a mutual friend and got to know Bokeh’s mom before she even had her litter of pups. Once she had the puppies, we waited patiently while receiving many videos and pictures of the tiny pups, until it was time to pick her up at 7 weeks old. Since then, we have completely fallen in love with her! But don’t get me wrong: i’t hasn’t been a walk in the park (no pun intended) either. We have learned that puppies are literally just like babies. They have to be watched at all times, fed constantly, and taken out at all hours of the night. But, it has all been worth it!

Today, I am so excited to introduce you to our little bundle of joy, Bokeh (pronounced like Boca) and yes she is named after a photography term (nerd alert!) Follow along with her #bokehthelab

Thank you, Nancy, for these sweet photos!

Film Processing: Indie Film Lab



I also want to wish my amazing husband a very happy birthday! Jamie, life with you is my greatest adventure! I love you!





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Love it! I’ve had my future pups name picked out (also a photo term- Koda like Kodachrome film!) for SO long! So happy for you :)

The puppy is so cute! And I LOVE these pictures. So sweet.

Callie. She is ADORABLE. Love these photos!! Enjoy her puppy stage :)

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