bobby is awesome for so many reasons.  1. he loves music 2. he loves to longboard 3. he is my neighbor 4. he goes to my church 5. he has longer hair than i do 6. he likes bright colors 7. he loves jesus 8. he likes to play drums in the woods 9. he is going to appstate  10. he’s a SENIOR!

[i may or may not have asked him to do # 8. :]

on a more serious note, i know bobby is going to do awesome things with his life.  he is so gifted, so easygoing, so fun to be around.  thanks to an awesome neighbor for allowing me to capture this time in your life!

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ummm does Bobby have a girlfriend? haha 😉 Love this session + the pink board + the colors + the drums!

you killed on this session, nancy! i feel like i got to know this guy simply through the photos. perfect action shots, and as always, beautiful light. fabulous work, my friend!

p.s. i’m up for scheduling our ichat session…maybe next week sometime?

LOVE the drums in the woods! Especially the black and white one! Rock it girl!

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