Nov 11-14

Meet Emory!

NRP Team ~ by Nancy Ray ~ no comments


Emory, our fall intern, has been so, so wonderful. Ill never forget the very first wedding when she assisted me. We were at the Angus Barn, and she was so helpful as she rolled film, carried my bags, and was ready to do whatever I asked her. We were served her favorite meal, steak and potatoes, and I'll never forget how easy it was to just carry on a conversation with her. That's Emory - she's a friend to anyone. Emory only has a few weeks left here in the NRP studio with us, and I cannot even believe how time has flown! I am so grateful for her endless hard work: packing up all the print orders, USB orders, and album orders, dropping everything off at the UPS store almost daily, pinning to Pinterest, prepping blogposts, filing receipts, preparing equipment, assisting at weddings, and doing a million other miscellaneous tasks and errands we've asked her to do. Emory, we love you. You have been an amazing asset to this studio and team!


Now it's your turn to get to know a little about Emory! Be sure to follow her on Instagram, too!

Where are you from?
Raleigh, NC

Why do you love photography?
Photography allows moments to be captured and cherished that otherwise may be forgotten or never fully understood by others.

What are you passionate about?
Young Life College, bagels, fashion (especially black dresses), going on walks, small businesses and organization.


What is your current favorite book?
Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis

Your favorite food?
Steak and scalloped potatoes


What’s something that no one knows about you?
I usually eat something chocolate every morning.


Your favorite thing to do on a beautiful day?
Breakfast at the Farmers Market then walking around the Flea Market, Enoing somewhere in Raleigh or getting take out and eating dinner at the Art Museum during sunset.

Coffee or Tea?
Peppermint tea!


What are you grateful for today?
Breakfast sandwiches from Whole Foods, Josh Garrels and how my parents love me


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Nov 10-14


Guess what!? I finally got to meet the Terhune's, everybody! Let me tell you: the Terhune's are pretty much famous in my book. For well over a year now, I've heard Nancy and Will talk about how wonderful Graham and Samantha are, and more recently how adorable their little guy Perry is! I've heard so much about their sweet dispositions, their inspirational talent with photography, and how adorable they all are together. Needless to say, I was thrilled to shoot their family session early in October.

For me, it was a sweet time of just getting to know two genuinely wonderful people and their precious little boy, enjoying the gorgeous Fall day at Fearrington and getting to take some fun pictures of their sweet family together.

My favorite part of the session was when Samantha whipped out an apple and said, "We've never given Perry an apple before... let's see what happens!" His face was completely priceless as he got to experience his very first apple. He was a little unsure at first, but it didn't take him long to realize that this apple situation is actually a really good situation. So cute!

Graham and Samantha - you guys are awesome! The abundant joy you share together and with your little dude is so evident in the way you interact, and I'm thankful for the opportunity to capture a glimpse of that in these pictures of your precious family!












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  1. Samantha November 10, 2014 5:08 pm

    Elizabeth, thank you so incredibly much! Your beautiful words and images are making my Monday so wonderful. Thank you for being so sweet with us and capturing such a special time! We are so grateful for these images and your friendship! xoxo

  2. Will Ray November 12, 2014 7:16 pm

    Baby P is just the cutest! Love that little guy!

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Nov 07-14


Red, white and blue, sprinklers, sparklers, southern food trucks, a row boat getaway, a fluffy dog and lots of joyful children make for the best, all-american editorial shoot. In the heart of Tennessee, on a very hot summer day, lots of magic happened thanks to this amazing group of vendors. From the florals to the food trucks, each vendor put in so much work to bring life to this story and the vision would not have been complete without all of them!

With it's quaint pond, rolling hills and shaded woods, Cedarwood made the perfect backdrop for this fun-filled day. It was hot for sure and everyone had a place to be and things to prepare for whatever was next on our shot list! Between the outfit changes, location changes and abundant lovely details thanks to Amber Housley, there was never a stand still moment. This is the second time that I have visited Nashville with Nancy to assist an editorial shoot with Amber Housley for Southern Weddings Magazine and it just keeps getting better and better. Like a wedding day, editorial shoots are long days and on this particular day, as the day got longer and we got sweatier, the smiles on our faces only grew.

We were so happy to have Southern Weddings, Creative Director, Emily Thomas with us and she sure did keep the day full of fun!

Click here to see the amazing behind the scenes video by Nicholas & Keaton!

Venue, Styling, Florals & Signage: Cedarwood
Photographer: Nancy Ray / Nancy Ray Photography
Coordinator, Designer & Paper Goods: Amber Housley
Behind the Scenes Photographer: Callie Davis / Nancy Ray Photography
Hair & Makeup: Tara Thomas and Gina Putnam of Studio BBC
Fashion Stylist: Opulent Couturier

We are SO grateful for this amazing film by our friends Nicholas & Keaton. It's the perfect fun glimpse into our day, so be sure to watch it!

Southern Weddings V7 Photoshoot - Nashville from NICHOLAS & KEATON on Vimeo.




























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  1. Jamie November 8, 2014 3:47 am

    Callie-LOVE that last photo of you and Nancy!

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Nov 06-14


The concept of Fun and Fancy Free came to me on my back patio one day, as Callie and I were sitting in the blazing sunlight sipping on lemonade. If that isn't the perfect beginning to this all-American summer editorial, I don't know what is! My heart and inspiration behind this shoot was to simply share with brides that they can choose to do anything on their wedding day to make the experience fun for their guests. Food trucks, bathing suits, sprinklers, bonfires... anything! And it can still be just as beautiful and classy as ever!

We had a blast working with the incredibly talented Amber Housley, who worked so hard making sure that every detail was perfect and lovely. I am so, so grateful for her, for the Cedarwood team, for the incredibly patient boys and girls who waited and got all dressed up to be our models, for Latrice who made those models beautiful, for all the vendors listed below who dedicated their time and effort to make this day such a success. Oh I'm so grateful!

Photographer: Nancy Ray Photography
Videographer: Nicholas & Keaton
Venue, Styling, Florals, and Signage: Cedarwood Weddings
Coordinator, Designer, and Paper Goods: Amber Housley Weddings
Watercolor Map: Simply Jessica Marie
Catering: Poppy’s CafeLegato GelatoThe Peach Truck
Cakes: Patty Cakes
Hair and Makeup: Tara Thomas and Gina Putnam of Studio BBC
Fashion Stylist: Opulent Couturier
Bride’s Gown: “McCants” by LulaKate
Reception Dress: “Organza Striped” by LulaKate
Bridal Salon: The Bride Room
Bride’s Veil and Hair Accessories: Beatrice Couture Designs
Ladies’ and Kids’ Accessories: Charming Charlie
Bridesmaid Dresses: LulaKate
Bridesmaid Dress Salon: Bella Bridesmaids Nashville
Menswear: Street Tuxedo
Bow Tie: Otis James Nashville
Men’s and Kids’ Accessories: Land of the Thread
Kids’ Clothing: Gap Kids Green Hills Mall Nashville and Chaps Ralph Lauren



























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  1. Diane November 6, 2014 9:29 pm

    Oh Nancy – what a fun pic you captured of Rhys! Thank you! Your pictures are amazing and you were so wonderfully sweet! xo

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Nov 05-14


From Nancy:

Peaches, breezes, laughter, bug spray, film, exploring, last minute changes, foraging, beautiful belles, handsome beaus, and a team that worked together. We loved being part of this day! I think my favorite aspect of capturing this day was that we spent every moment with dear friends. All the vendors we worked with were people that I knew, and that made it feel like a real celebration. It is so fun to capture the "behind the scenes" from an editorial, because it is a lot of sweat and work. I remember going home being exhausted, because not only did Callie and I photograph what was unfolding, but we also pitched in a helping hand wherever we could. That's simply what you do to pull off such a beautiful shoot: it's always all hands on deck. I personally loved being with the Southern Weddings team, because they (not surprisingly) operated with such grace and efficiency. I loved how simple and lovely their vision for this shoot was, and they it was fun to see them wear so many hats: Lara oversaw the entire shoot while stepping in to help with details here and there, Emily was styling the invitation layout while communicating with all the vendors, Lisa was getting all dolled up to be a beautiful bridesmaid, Nicole was setting up backdrops and carrying florals and props to and fro, Kristen was making every model and vendor feel welcomed while pulling last minute details together. Y'all, it takes hard work and a team of people to pull off something so beautiful, but that's what makes this magazine so special! They give it their all. We were so grateful to capture the hard work and fun!

From Callie:

Oh what a day! Fearrington Village was filled with beautiful blooms, an amazing team of vendors, and lots of love, laughter and hard work! From floral design to invitation styling and film rolling to table scape setup, Nancy and I were there to capture all of the hard work put in behind the scenes of this lovely cover shoot for Southern Weddings V7! Let me tell you, editorial shoots take a lot of planning, organization, hustling and adapting to situations that may come about. For example, when you don't have a ladder and need to get a overhead shot, you just build a ladder with what you've got and trust your friends to hold on to you tight! (See Tec Petaja shooting the table scape below) Or when you setup your table scape in a tall grass field because it's the prettiest location, but you can feel the bugs crawling on you one by one. As I like to say, you do what you have to do to get the shot! I'm so thankful we were able to document each moment of hard work that went into making this shoot so peachy!

See the full shoot & get your copy of Southern Weddings Magazine by visiting the Southern Weddings blog!

Venue: Fearrington
Photographer: Tec Pectaja
Behind the Scenes Photographers: Nancy + Callie / Nancy Ray Photography
Florals: Rhi / Hey Gorgeous Events
Hair: Kate / The Small Things Blog
Make up: Make up for your Day
Film Processing: Indie Film Lab
























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  1. Carrie November 6, 2014 4:38 pm

    Love seeing these behind the scene shots! Especially the one of everyone holding onto Tec’s jeans when he’s standing on the table haha! It takes a village!

  2. Rhiannon November 10, 2014 2:07 am

    I love you! These photos are so near and dear to my heart.

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Nov 04-14


Callie and Jamie's Rehearsal and Dinner started their weekend off on such a sweet note. Their rehearsal began that morning, which allowed for a wonderful bridesmaids lunch followed by the rehearsal dinner. Nothing was rushed, but everything happened just as it should. As soon as they arrived at their dinner, Will and I grabbed Callie and Jamie for a quick stroll into the park for some photos. I'll never forget the excitement on Callie's face! It was all becoming so real, and she and Jamie couldn't stop smiling.

As the evening unfolded, the tears started coming. Happy tears, of course. I had gotten to know Callie's friends, but I saw a side of their hearts this night that was so moving. "Brothers and Sisters" is much more accurate than friends. They love one another so well. Each person that stood up to toast to Callie and Jamie had such encouraging words, tears, laughter, advice, and most of all love to give to C & J. I'll never forget the sweet night that kicked off the most amazing weekend!

Venue: The Harbor Club
Film Processing: Indie Film Lab















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  1. Meredith Sledge November 4, 2014 10:52 pm

    Callie, you’re gorgeous! Love these!

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Nov 03-14

Happy SW Week!

Press ~ by Nancy Ray ~ 2 comments


It comes out TOMORROW, y'all. Get ready to head over to your local Target, Barnes and Noble, or yes - even Piggly Wiggly to pick up your very own copy. You could also guarantee to have one land in your mailbox if you simply order from the Southern Weddings Online Shop (which is my personal favorite, because it often comes with a hand written thank you note!)

This is not your typically wedding magazine. I literally take the time to read every page, because it is rich with stories and advice and love and marriage. It's so much more than beautiful images and pretty dresses (although there are plenty of those, too). It's a collection piece, and I cannot wait to get my hands on my very own copy!

We are officially calling it "SW Week" here at the NRP studio. We have so many exciting images and experiences to share with you that we've been working on all year long, and we finally get to share them with you, starting tomorrow! So stay tuned to the blog!

Here's a list of our weddings, editorials & behind the scenes work you can start getting excited about:

Callie and Jamie's beautiful Charleston wedding (!!!)
Our Nashville Editorial "Fun and Fancy Free" in collaboration with Amber Housley, Cedarwood weddings, and Opulent Couturier
Behind the Scenes for Fun and Fancy Free
Behind the Scenes for the lovely Peach Cover Shoot at Fearrington with Tec Petaja and Hey Gorgeous Events

Comments: 2

  1. Rhiannon November 3, 2014 11:38 pm


    I just love you. Having you be a part of the Peach Shoot was a true highlight of my summer. I will treasure your incredible images forever. Thank you for being such an inspiration always. You are a rockstar! Happy SW week!


  2. Kyla Fetzner November 4, 2014 2:30 am

    I am so excited for my copy to make it’s way to NH! I’m looking forward to seeing Callie and Jamie’s wedding (their wedding video is incredible) and the work of NRP within the beautiful pages of V7 :)

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Nov 01-14


Photo by Emily March

A small reminder that reaching your goals is a real possibility. One of my goals the past few years has been to learn the guitar, and while I have much much room for improvement, I played a song that I wrote for Will in front of a group of people at MTH. I was nervous and I messed up, but one of my goals is really happening!

Today I woke up earlier than I wanted to, but it's always a gift when that happens. I hoped to sleep in until 8 or 9, but I had accidentally set my alarm for 7am and couldn't really fall back asleep after it went off. I crept downstairs without waking Will to discover it was pretty dreary outside, and I was so happy about it. I knew it meant a long morning of snuggling on the couch, drinking coffee, reading, and enjoying our fireplace. After doing exactly that, I had a big bowl of granola, then I threw on my lulus and running shoes and headed outside for a quick 2 mile run. It was wet and chilly and colorful - exactly how I wanted it. Winston and I had a hop in our steps because of the brisk fall air, we were both breathing deeply, feeling alive, with the wet tree branches raining raindrops and leaves around us. It was the perfect start to my November.

As it is with every month, I have big hopes of checking major items off my list. November has it's items, some which are still leftover from months gone by (I'm looking at you, Artifact Uprising Album), some of which are related to tidying up the end of 2014, some are brand new dreams all together. Thankfully, after attending Making Things Happen this last week, I am reminded of something so important when it comes to goals :

One thing at a time.

Focus on 1 thing at a time, and accomplish that thing.

Then you are one step closer to where you want to be.

So that is my mantra this month : One thing at a time. Bit by bit, we can do this. When we look at all the things at the same time, we crumble and become stress paralyzed and revert to doing nothing. So, friends, let's do this. Only 2 more months until 2015... let's make them count!

November Goals

Design and Order the Artifact Uprising Album of our first 5 years of marriage*
Begin training for my Birthday 10K
Lay out my clothes every night for 1 week
Wake up to a real alarm and leave my phone downstairs for 1 week
Run in the Turkey Leg 5K
Host Thanksgiving Dinner in our home (!)
Create mega end-of-the-year NRP list with the team
Finalize all 2015 Packaging
Research and design on direction for new site + brand
Celebrate Will's birthday in DC
Write our sponsored kids and tell them why I'm thankful for them

Have your monthly goals up on your blog? Leave a link in the comments!

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  1. Molly Middleton November 2, 2014 5:23 pm

    Love your goals!

  2. Emma D November 2, 2014 11:50 pm

    You performed an original song?! At MTH??? That is AMAZING! Go, you!

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Oct 31-14

Session GiveawayWINNER

Congratulations to the WINNER of the NRP Session Giveaway :

Stephanie Riesland!!!

Please email the studio to schedule your session!

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Oct 31-14


I love the reaction I get when I escort a bride and her mom into my studio for the very first time. Their jaws drop at the lovely canvases adorning my walls, and I don't blame them! What a beautiful statement piece a canvas can be. It transforms a photograph into a beautiful piece of art hanging on the walls of your home.

My two favorite aspects of the lovely gallery wrap canvases we offer are the quality and the color. I adore our canvas company. They offer just the right matte texture, just the right distance front the wall, a wire for hanging, and wonderful sizing options to choose from. They only work with professional photographers, which speaks of their quality and consistency. (They won't print just anything!) I personally love how clean a canvas looks on a wall - simple and bright. As it is with all of my products, I would never offer something that I wouldn't hang in my own home.

Canvases are the perfect way to remember such meaningful moments in the most beautiful way.





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