Sep 30-14



Photographing our NRP products / Bokeh meets Winston! / NRP Fun Day Photo shoot
Celebrating our best friend's wedding in the mountains / AH Inspired! / Puppy Snuggles after a long day of work!



Family time at the Bay / I'm the new family photographer! / Boating in Chesapeake Bay
Sweet baby Daphne / The sweetest little nursery for Juliette  (blogpost coming soon!) / NRP Lake Day - tubing



Grandview Vacay / Hot tea, love-filled conversation and genuine prayer with these wonderful ladies / NRP Fun Day
Sweet time with my amazing sister before taking my triplet nephews for the week / My floral arrangement thanks to the teachings of Hey Gorgeous Events at AH Inspired / Dinner with my amazing husband



 Gorgeous sunrise on our Grandview Vacay / Running with Winston / My new home office setup
Marbles with my triplet nephews / Delicious breakfast / Bedtime stories

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Sep 29-14


Lauren is so genuine and lovely. She's the type of girl who doesn't have to try to be pretty - she just naturally is. I adore her simplicity - no veil, her hair down, and very little jewelry. She absolutely shined on her wedding day this past Friday, and Mark was smitten (as he should be!).

When I photographed her bridal session, her voice was calm and she was so, so happy. We had so much fun that day! Her mom, her sister and I loved being her "team" - helping her around the lovely Merrimon Wynne house and creating such lovely images. Even though it was a bit rainy that day, nothing could have held back the joy that we all felt.

After our session, I received the longest, most thoughtful email from Lauren. It always amazes me when my clients go out of their way to reach out to me, to thank me, to share their hearts with me. I will treasure her words for such a long time! She and Mark are just so generous and so selfless, it didn't surprise me at all that she would take the time to write such a sweet note. Goodness I'm grateful I get to work with such wonderful people.

I cannot wait to share her beautiful wedding images with you soon!

Venue: Merrimon Wynne House
Film Processing: Indie Film Lab










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Sep 26-14

NRP Prints

Products ~ by Callie Pitts ~ no comments


In this day and age, I've found that most of us keep our treasured photographs in the following places:

- on our phones
- on our laptops / computers
- on Facebook, Instagram, or other social media

And even if we do print our images, so many of us have it done at Walgreens or Target because it's quick and easy. We might get around to framing them, but there's a good chance they will be forgotten in a drawer somewhere in our house.


It's time for this to change, friends! Our hope here at NRP is that all of us prioritize these family heirlooms by taking the intentional time to do one thing:

have your photos printed.

The traditional lustre prints and the fine art canvases that we offer in every custom gallery are of the utmost quality. We work exclusively with a print lab in California that is unmatched in color and quality. And the best part about it? We make it easy for you to purchase a variety of sizes directly through your online gallery. Not only will printing your images remind you of those special memories, but they will make for beautiful decor in your home. (And I promise you'll be able to tell a difference between our prints and Target's!)

After attending AH Inspired this month and hearing my sweet friend Sara Rose talk about the importance of tangibly displaying the pictures that you get taken or take yourself, I have been encouraged to display all of my lovely pictures for people to see!

Just think of the simple things you can do with your printed photographs: you could use your prints to brighten someone's day by putting one in the mail, you could frame them in your house, or you could put them in a photo album for your children to cherish one day... the list goes on and on.

I promise, the time and effort that it takes is priceless when you realize the importance of these lovely heirlooms.

While ordering directly from your custom NRP Gallery is the best option, we also recommend these resources for taking the time to print your photos : (for printing from your USB drive)

prinstagram (for printing your favorite Instagram photos)

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Sep 25-14


"It's only when you know you are loved that you are able to fully love others."

These words that were spoken during Sarah and Joe's ceremony have been ringing in my mind since their wedding day. Only when you know that you are loved and who you are loved by, are you able to immeasurably pour out and love others. This statement could not be more true about this incredible couple. The consistent, sweet words exchanged between family and friends were unending as they watched two people that they so deeply adore come together in marriage. Sarah was glowing throughout the day, and there was not a dry eye in the church as she walked down the aisle to her groom!

Jamie and I have had some time to get to know Sarah and Joe over the past year, and we have grown to become great friends! As a photographer, I hope that could happen with all of the couples that I get a chance to work with. We discovered the hearts behind these two people, and that is what makes them so special: their hearts for The Lord, for their families, and for their friends. They don't take life too seriously, and they are not afraid to dance like fools, to take risks, to love deeply.

Sarah and Joe, this is only the beginning of a beautiful life that God has called you to live together! I could not be more happy for the two of you. Congratulations!

Ceremony Venue: Neely's Creek Church
Reception Venue: McBryde Hall
Caterer: McBryde Hall Winthrop University
Videographer: Reel Weddings
Floral and Event Design: Fete Au Fleur
Wedding Dress: Alvina Valenta
Stationary: Reaves Calligraphy
Reception DJ: Vox DJ Company

































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  1. Samantha September 26, 2014 2:03 pm

    beautiful images callie! what a lovely wedding! xoxo

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Sep 24-14


Hello, friends! Keeping it real over here: this is me, right now, working at 8pm. (But, I did stop working today from 3-7pm, to spend time with my family. So there. Although I can be a workaholic, tonight I'm just getting in my 8 hours - catching up on the last bits of my work day while hubby is on a client call.)

I had to hop on the Influence Conference Meet & Greet bandwagon and introduce myself! I'm Nancy Ray, a believer, wife, photographer, entrepreneur, blogger, speaker, writer. I own and run Nancy Ray Photography straight from my little town home in North Carolina, and I absolutely love what I do. Jesus is my everything. I am married to an amazing man and we have a giant dog, whose name is Winston. I believe that less is more, that hustle is very fulfilling, that life is about people (and not about stuff).

One part of the conference I'm most excited about is... speaking! I'll be speaking on the strategy track the very last day. Actually, my weekend is going to be crazy. I shoot a wedding on Friday in NC, fly to Indianapolis Saturday morning, speak Saturday afternoon, and proceed to hug a million women who have already experienced a few days of influence-amazingness. But it's all going to be so worth it! (I'm also very excited about sharing a bed with my sister, and just spending time with her. She's the best. Go read her cute little Meet & Greet!)

One thing I wouldn't leave home without? My pillow. What can I say, I really love my sleep.

I cannot even tell you how excited I am to fly to Indianapolis this weekend, for so many reasons: 1. Because I've never been there. 2. Because my sister will be there waiting for me. 3. Because there are a TON of incredible women that will be in one place. 4. Sashes Market. Enough said. (Please don't buy all the things before I get there. K thanks.) 5. To worship Jesus and learn more about Him through my sweet sisters. Can't wait to meet all of you!

I. am. pumped. See you at Influence!

PS. If you read this and you are going, please leave a little comment so I can try to find you and say hi!

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  1. Brittany Knight September 24, 2014 12:34 pm

    Nancy! You are a precious gem. I’ve been reading your blog for a few years now, and just love listening to you share your heart and letting God using it to speak to me. Side note question… WHERE is your watch from? That is so awesome! I’ve been on the hunt for a wrap bracelet the past few months and that one is just so good. I have tiny wrists so trying to find one that’s skinny and not overwhelming has been a bit of a battle ;) Best of luck this weekend (though I know you’ll do great, and God will use you)!! Sending prayers your way!

    • Nancy Ray September 24, 2014 7:45 pm

      Hi Brittany! Thank you for your sweet words. My watch is a La Mer watch, and I love it! :

  2. Ann Swindell September 24, 2014 4:06 pm

    So sweet to “meet” you! Hope to meet you in person this weekend at Influence–it’ll be my first time, too!

  3. Andrea Bowman September 24, 2014 7:19 pm

    I was sitting here reading bios for the Influence speakers and was drawn into your site! I’m a fellow photographer (in Indy area) and can totally relate to your whirlwind weekend coming up! Praying God will give you the energy and focus you need. Hoping to meet you this weekend, too! :)

  4. Anna Montgomery September 25, 2014 1:26 am

    Nancy! I first heard you and Will at MTH this spring and was just beside myself with excitement when I saw you were speaking at Influence! You were such an encouragement to this creative.

    Ahh! So glad you get to come to the Hoosierland this weekend! Praying for safe travels and energy! See you Saturday!

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Sep 23-14


Meet Hensley. Look at that gorgeous little head of hair! My GOODNESS she's cute!


I met Bonnie, Jonathan and Hensley at their beautiful Wake Forest home just days after they brought their little girl home. For the most part, Hensley slept in the session, but she did wake up once or twice to stare intently at her mama and daddy as they loved on her. Either way, awake or asleep, she was an asbolute dream! Bonnie and Jonathan are head over heels in love, as they should be.

And can we just talk about Hensley's nursery for a minute? Definitely one of my favorites... it's rustic and has such gorgeous light! I also loved the print over the crib, that was actually created by a mutual friend of ours: Kiera.  Total coincidence that I saw it up in Hensley's nursery, and it was really fun to discover who created it!

Want to know something else really fun? Nancy photographed Bonnie and Jonathan's wedding  at the Sutherland, (the same place I got married,) just a few years ago. It is so sweet to see everything come full circle, and it's one of our favorite things to do here at NRP: capture weddings, then capture those same couples later as their families begin to grow.















Bonnie and Jonathan - congratulations on your sweet baby girl! You make a beautiful family of 3!

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Sep 22-14


Being that tomorrow is the first official day of fall, I thought it would be the perfect time to announce our fall mini-sessions! Autumn is the perfect time to capture your growing family - to preserve your legacy, to capture those chubby cheeks, to have a beautiful photo for your Christmas card this year. It's also a wonderful way to celebrate an anniversary, or you can "gift" a session to someone you love. Even if you don't send out Christmas cards, it's a beautiful and affordable way to capture the memory of your family exactly as you are right now.

And just because I love you and am SO appreciative that you read my blog, I'm offering 10% off to all my blog readers out there. Just use the code happyfall when reserving your spot!

Join Elizabeth this November 1st , 2014, for an easy and fun mini-session! Spaces are limited.
(Exact location TBD, but you can expect it to be somewhere in the North Raleigh area.)

Ready to book your session? Click here!
Don't forget to use the discount code happyfall to receive 10% off your session!

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Sep 18-14


Don't you just love that name... Daphne.

I met the Morales family in their Chapel Hill home just days after they brought their little girl Daphne home. It was such a wonderful time getting to know Sarah and Jason as they were just in the first days of getting to know their sweet Daphne. You know what's one of the coolest things about newborn sessions to me? It's getting to watch new moms and dads absolutely fall in love with their little ones. It's like I get a cool little glimpse into some pretty intimate moments that will really bring tears to your eyes. For example, there was one time in Daphne's session where we laid her down on the ottoman in front of the window, and Jason and Sarah just stepped back and stared at her. Completely in awe. I can't remember exactly what she said, but Sarah got really excited and mentioned that she was seeing something on Daphne for the first time. Ever! How cool is that? Newborn sessions are full of those breathtaking moments and this one in particular seemed to have many of them.

One of my favorite parts of this session was when they asked if they could include their sweet pup Abbey in some shots. "ABSOLUTELY" is always my answer to that question! We joined in the family room, and Jason invited Abbey up on the sofa with them. Abbey jumped up, cuddled right up to Jason, and immediately stretched out and fell asleep in his lap! Serious dog heaven and so hilarious!

Jason and Sarah, I so enjoyed getting to know you guys and photographing your sweet new family. Congratulations on your beautiful little girl!























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Sep 17-14


THIS newborn session. Goodness. This one means a lot to me.

Katherine (the mama) and I have known each other for 16 years, maybe even longer. We were best of friends in middle school, we sang in choir together, we preformed in high school plays together, we slept over at one another's houses, (eating pizza and cookies every time), we prayed for and dreamt about our future husbands together (who knew they were sitting across from us at the cafeteria table in middle school!), we loved and grew in Jesus together. I remember vividly sitting on the bed at her grandmother's house when we went there for a weekend getaway, studying the Bible and praying for one another when we were just in 9th grade. This friendship is one that will always be so dear to my heart.

And now... she's a Mama! Not only to 1, but 2 beautiful children! Even though Katherine booked Elizabeth for this newborn session, I couldn't help but come and tag-team the photography. First of all, I hadn't met Sadie yet, and secondly, it was a wonderful opportunity for Elizabeth and I to work together on a session, learning from one another and blending our strengths. So, you'll see a mix of our images in the blogpost today! Then of course the session got even more fun when Will showed up, because he wanted to meet her too.

Thank you, Jackson family, for welcoming not 1, but 3 of us into your home. We love y'all!

Film Processing : Indie Film Lab




A few words from Elizabeth:

Nancy and I knew Katherine and Mark in high school, and it's been so cool to see how their family has grown from highschool sweethearts to busy mom and dad of 2 beautiful kids in what feels like no time at all!

Bringing home a newborn isn't the most restful and rejuvenating thing you'll ever do (so I've heard), but I feel like things *maybe* escalate to a different level when you have another little munchkin at home who's super curious and a little concerned about the newest addition. Katherine may have mentioned that they felt a little frazzled, but she and Mark were definitely champs! Just 4 days into being parents of 2, they absolutely rocked the session with some teamwork and a very skilled "man-to-man defense". They so naturally loved on both of their little ones and it seemed a little to me like they'd been doing it for longer than 4 days. Temporarily frazzled or not... there's lots of joy and love and hugs, kisses, cuddles and tickles in this family!

And Sadie. Just four days old... so adorable. So. Itty. Bitty. She was a little early, so she looked like a doll baby in her mama's arms!

Mark and Katherine - congratulations on the adorable little addition to your beautiful family!















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Sep 16-14


(Image by Eric Kelley)

Why yes, this is a familiar face! While we haven't added a new member to our team to be our family photographer, we have shifted our roles a bit here at NRP. For several months now, Elizabeth has slowly been shifting her focus from photographing weddings to photographing families. Why? Simply put, it was the perfect fit! Elizabeth adores kids and loves working with families. The relaxed and playful environment of photographing families is the perfect match for Elizabeth's laid back personality.

Elizabeth has been a wonderful wedding photographer with us for the past year, and we will sure miss her beautiful eye capturing weddings. While she won't be booking weddings herself anymore, she will certainly be 2nd shooting for myself and Callie occasionally! Even though she loved photographing weddings as the lead photographer, families truly have her heart. Having known Elizabeth for so many years, I am confident this is the perfect fit for her gifts and personality.



A few thoughts from Elizabeth (who you will be hearing from on this blog more often!) :

I have learned a ton about growing in my weaknesses while capitalizing on my strengths since I started with NRP two years ago. I could write a whole post, nay! a whole series of posts- about growing in my weaknesses. Emphasis here, though, is capitalizing on my strengths. Why did we decide that family photography was a perfect fit for me?

First of all, because I love it. I love how every single family is unique with their own values and traditions. I love rolling with the chaos that comes most of the time when you involve children under the age of 5, and the realness that's evident in pictures when you adapt to each family and go with their flow. I'm a kid person, and I love that many sessions end up with me literally on the floor playing Geo-trax with my camera in hand (Geo-trax are so cool). I'm flexible, and I love flexibility. I expect spilt milk and goldfish disasters that end up with a last minute wardrobe change, because let's face it, that's real life. And I'm good with that because these little disasters only happen for a season. And I don't actually have my own kids yet, but from what I understand, that little season is way too short, extremely sweet, and perfectly imperfect. How fun is that, to capture all of that in photographs!? That's why I'm thrilled to shift my focus to families!




Elizabeth will be the official family photography for NRP, offering all types of family photography: Family, Maternity, Newborns, Birthdays, Mini-Sessions, Anniversaries, etc. Her online portfolio will be launching later this month, so keep checking the website. She will also be hosting Fall Mini-sessions on November 1st! More details to come, but if you want to be sure to secure your spot, CLICK HERE. And keep checking the blog or sign up for our newsletter to stay in the know!

Interested in booking Elizabeth? Contact the Studio.

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  1. Kyla Fetzner September 19, 2014 4:20 pm

    Congratulations Elizabeth! It’s really neat to watch how NRP is growing and how much heart y’all have for what you do :)

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