Nov 20-14


It's true! We're having a baby! We are so, so grateful.

Baby Ray
Due: May 27th, 2015

To be honest, It's so hard for me to believe this is really happening. Is there really a human growing inside of me? Are our lives really about to change forever? It's quite surreal! It came as a surprise, and while we were certainly talking about starting a family sometime in 2015/2016, we didn't expect for it to happen when it did. Will and I would both describe the first 2 weeks of this pregnancy in one word: disbelief. We just couldn't believe it! In fact, we've been laughing a whole lot lately, because we specifically said that we would try to avoid having a baby during high wedding season: May, June, September, October. Yep, we nailed it.


So, there are a few questions I've been asked every time we've shared the news with family and friends. I plan to write more about my journey soon, but for now, here are my answers (since I know you must be curious)!

How did you find out? :: Will kept telling me I needed to take a pregnancy test before leaving town for the Influence Conference back in September. I was convinced I was not pregnant, so I didn't want to waste a perfectly good test on something I was so sure about. ("Will, I know my body! I'm not pregnant!") He headed out to a financial conference for the day, and I quickly took a pregnancy test before getting dressed on Thursday, September 25th. I didn't think twice about it. Sure enough, a pink line showed up right away. I could NOT believe it. I stood in my bedroom for 5 minutes in my PJs, not knowing what to do. I cried and I prayed. Then I finally decided to get dressed, and go pick up 2 more tests that had "pregnant" spelled out so I could be SURE. When I got home, I took another test. Sure enough, the word pregnant popped up very quickly! I told Will later that afternoon, and he was elated! (More on that later!)

A note on the timing of when I found out : it was one of the craziest weekends of my life. This was the day before I photographed a beautiful Friday wedding, 2 days before flying out of town at 3:30am on Saturday (and the plane was delayed) for a speaking engagement in Indianapolis. It was a whirlwind of a weekend, and only by God's grace and Will's amazing support did I make it through!


Were you surprised? :: Yes, very surprised! But thankfully we were talking about starting a family this year or next, so we are quite happy with the surprise.

Are you going to find out if it's a boy or a girl? :: Undecided. Leaning towards not finding out!

How have you been feeling? :: Great. Seriously, I have been feeling so amazing. I always feared "morning sickness," but I am incredibly thankful that I haven't been sick at all. I get really tired at 10pm, but I feel great and energetic during the day. I've kept up my running, which has helped a lot. I've had waves of nausea, but as long as keep eating, I'm good! It's odd because I don't like peanut butter anymore (it was pretty much my favorite food), and I love black coffee and pickles. (Not together.) Oh, and I hate red onions all of a sudden. But other than that, I really am feeling great.


I'll be sharing more of my journey as my bump grows! God has taught me so much through this process, and most of all He's shown me how loving, gracious, and patient He is. Truly. To be honest, I have never had "baby fever," and I've been quite content as a wife and business owner. But as time passed, He called me to this. He held my hand the whole way, reassuring me that I can do this, implementing His perfect timing. He is always sovereign, and He is always good. Trusting Him every step of the way! More thoughts to come!


A big thank you to:
Callie for taking these beautiful images
Juliet who hand lettered this announcement!

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  1. Linnea November 20, 2014 4:47 am

    Ahhh :) Congratulations Nancy and Will! This is such amazing news. You guys are going to be wonderful parents! We had our baby girl in August – it’s wonderful. I can’t wait to see your bump grow and read more about your business as you become a mother.

  2. Ashley November 20, 2014 5:14 am

    Congratulations! What a fun new adventure for you both in the new addition of a baby! I can’t wait to follow you through this new journey and see fun bump photos!

  3. Kari Bailey November 20, 2014 7:09 am

    Congratulations Nancy & Will!!!! Such exciting news!

  4. Lindsey November 20, 2014 7:26 am

    SO EXCITING! I’m convinced keeping my running up (I did a half marathon at 12 weeks) was what kept me feeling so great. Congratulations to you all!

  5. kelly November 20, 2014 7:59 am

    Eeeeep!! SO excited for you and Will!! Y’all will make great parents! :)

  6. Kelly Strawberry November 20, 2014 8:11 am

    Congratulations!!! I’ve never had “baby fever” either, so I appreciate your honesty! I’m excited to follow along on the blog. Best wishes and prayers for you and Will. :)

  7. Sissy November 20, 2014 8:21 am

    Yahoo!!!!!!!! I am ridiculously excited!!!!!!!!!!! As you know. And YOU look SO beautiful!!! Glowing already! I love you & Bebe Ray!!!!!

  8. Juliet November 20, 2014 8:24 am

    Yeah!! SO excited for you and will! Love you, Nancy!

  9. Alison Wilson November 20, 2014 8:31 am

    So exciting, Nancy! Congrats to you and Will!

  10. Victoria B November 20, 2014 8:58 am

    Congratulations! Such exciting news! You will both be wonderful parents!
    I have never had baby fever ever, so it’s a little scary to know when the time is right. I just have to trust as you did.

  11. Jamie Hopkins November 20, 2014 9:29 am

    A BABY RAY!!!!! So excited for you and Will (and Winston too!). Love you guys!

  12. Molly November 20, 2014 9:34 am

    Yay, a million congrats to you and your family! My husband and I were also surprised by our first pregnancy this summer! I’m due about 2 months before you – it’s such an amazing time! All the best to you!

  13. Kyla Fetzner November 20, 2014 10:19 am

    Congratulations Nancy and Will!! This is so exciting :)

  14. Mary November 20, 2014 11:38 am

    Yay, congratulations!

  15. Leanne Caroline November 20, 2014 3:10 pm

    Nancy (and Will), what beautiful news. These internet ‘relationships’ are weird, because I don’t know you, yet in another way, I do. I cannot tell you how much you inspire me – life, love, contentment, finance. I look up to you so much and you have helped my must-keep-up-with-the-jonses soul immeasurably. Wishing you the biggest congratulations today on Baby Ray. I cannot wait to watch the love, grace and wisdom you’ll share as pregnancy and motherhood unfolds. Sent with love, Leanne.

  16. Emma D November 20, 2014 4:04 pm

    I agree with Leanne! I am SO excited for you and had chills the entire time I read this post. This is my favorite post ever! I hope that you will not hesitate to write about being pregnant (either here or on instagram) because it will be a true joy to read about your journey.
    By the way, lol to “I love black coffee and pickles. (Not together.)” haha!
    You are awesome and congratulations!

  17. Kate November 20, 2014 5:39 pm

    Congratulations! Such a beautiful lettered announcement too!

  18. Angela November 20, 2014 9:56 pm

    Congratulations! Such amazing news!

  19. Brent Deitrich November 21, 2014 9:21 am

    how exciting! That’s about how Anna and I planned it too.. We were going to start trying soon, but it was a surprise. And we didn’t find out the gender either! Blessings to both of you :)

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Nov 19-14


Alison and Doug were married on a gorgeous September day, and it was such a joy to capture their contagious love. Never before have I felt so cared for on a wedding day! They were constantly checking on me and Elizabeth. Not only did they make sure that we had what we needed, they wanted to be sure we were enjoying ourselves during their reception! Honestly, I wouldn't expect anything less from this sweet couple. They are selfless, and it shined through even on a day that was supposed to be all about them. From the genuine prayer around the door prior to their ceremony to the laughter on the dance floor, this day was simple and full of meaningful celebration!

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Wilson!

Venue: Wake Field Plantation
Cake Artist: Whole Foods
Caterer: TPC Wakefield Plantation
Florist: Lisa's House of Flowers
Event Coordinator: TPC Wakefield
Reception DJ: All Around Raleigh DJ
Hair & Makeup Artist: Noelle at The Parlor
Custom Prints: Laura Underwood
Menu & Ceremony Sign: Kenan Hill Designs
Custom Koozies: Cherish by Noel
Film Processing: Indie Film Lab






































Comments: 2

  1. Jessica November 20, 2014 7:48 am

    Such a great snapshot of an incredible day! So happy for you Alison and Doug :) Love you both!

  2. Alison November 20, 2014 8:33 am

    Thank you for your sweet words and awesome photos, Callie! We will cherish these for a long time :)

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Nov 18-14

AH Inspired! 2014

Speaking ~ by Callie Pitts ~ one comment


Back in September, Callie and I had the privilege of being a part of AH Inspired : a gathering for creatives. I was honored to speak for 2 different sessions on Money and Life Balance, and Callie photographed the entire event. All I can say is, wow. We were absolutely blown away by the entire experience that Amber and her team offered! Every detail of this event was thoroughly planned, and I met so many truly incredible women.




First, let's just talk about the venue. I'm pretty much ready to pack up my life so I can live permanently at the Inn at Evin's Mill. We were surrounded by lush trees, greenery, nestled in a mountainside. My favorite view was walking down towards the mill on the side of the Inn - it felt so adventurous and refreshing! It was breathtaking: a lake on the right, the waterfall on the left. And we had to walk across a bridge to get to the Mill where we had classes. There were hiking trails, waterfalls, and cozy places all around to cozy up and drink some coffee. The rooms were so adorable and comfortable - the cabin feel made me feel like I was at a luxurious summer camp for adults. No, I didn't want to leave.





(See those two crazy ladies swimming at the bottom of the waterfall? Yep, the one on the right is me!)


While the venue certainly would have been enough, the entire experience was top notch. The details were incredible! We had welcome bags, personal itineraries printed for us individually, name tags that were super cute, swag (that was cute AND practical) from every speaker, and little surprises throughout the event. When I thought it couldn't get any better, it always would. We even had a product from Shark Tank as a gift, which you knew made me really happy!


One of my favorite images from Inspired: Emily Ley, Micah May, and Nancy Ray!




Finally, the speakers and attendees were just incredible. I'll admit - I didn't know every speaker that was on the list prior to coming, though I knew most. I looked many of them up beforehand, to try to familiarize myself with each of them. But nothing could have prepared me for what was in store. Truly, I don't know that I've even been in the same room with such incredible business women. Micah May blew me away with her family's story, her business story, and her fun-loving spirit. I look up to her in so many ways, and it was incredible to spend so much time with her. Rhi taught me floral styling, and man do I have a new respect for what she does! That is no easy task. Ashlee Proffitt became one of my favorite people on this earth. What a beautiful spirit that woman has. We led a devotional and prayer time each morning, and it started our days off in such a refreshing way. Goodness I've learned so much from her story, her loss, her deep love, and her grace. (Not to mention she's an incredible business and branding expert!) Samantha Shepherd showed us that small dreams really can turn into big businesses. I loved hearing the story of Studio Calico, how it started out a few years ago as a 3-person operation, and how they have a staff of well over 50 employees and are continuing to grow. Emily Ley always blows me away with her simple and profound comments like, "my inbox goes to zero at the end of every day," and "I only work 3 days a week," as if those things are easy to do. I have so much respect for that woman! And these are only a few of several incredible business women that speak and share over the course of 2 days together.




Finally, I would be remiss to acknowledge the amazing, hard-working, Callie! This girl hustled like I've never seen her hustle. She captured every detail, every speaker, and just as I would arrive back to our room to rest, she'd be dressed and ready to head out the door for more. I'm so proud of these images and her hard work - she truly did an incredible job.

Sad you missed it? Don't be! AH Inspired 2015 is already set for April of next year, so be sure to sign up when registration opens. (And when you do, be sure to use the discount code NANCYRAY to save on your registration fee!)

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  1. Kate November 18, 2014 9:18 pm

    Thanks so much for sharing! The pictures are amazing! It looks like such a great retreat- in a beautiful location, with amazing ladies, and perfect decor!

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Nov 17-14


The NRP team: Emory & Coleman, Nancy & Will, Callie & Jamie (we missed you, Elizabeth and Robert!)

Happy Monday, friends! We had SO much fun at the Southern Weddings Launch party this past Thursday evening at the Umstead, I had to start this week by sharing these hilarious and wonderful images with you. The Hot Dog Photo Booth is always a highlight!



The lovely Southern Weddings Ladies!


Myself, Callie, and the lovely Erin Mclean! The sparkly cardigan photo was a must.


Oh my goodness. When I saw my sweet friend Rhi (from Hey Gorgeous Events), I flipped out. She flew in and surprised all of us! The SW ladies didn't even know. She even did all the florals for the event, and sent me home with the most beautiful arrangement! It was amazing.







Bobby and Ally were there! Callie recently photographed their wedding, and Ally often second shoots for our team. So fun to see them!


Our dear friends and camping buddies: John & Emily (Creative Director of Southern Weddings Magazine), Graham & Sam!





Had to include this amazing pic from our friends at Heartstone Films! Love them!



A big thanks to the generous ladies at Southern Weddings for hosting such a wonderful event!


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Nov 14-14


Sweet Anna, today is your wedding day!

These images make my heart so happy. Can't you just feel her joy? I have known Anna since high school, and it's been so wonderful watching her life journey unfold before me. Her parents are the pastors of our church, so we know and love her entire family. But Anna - there's something so special about Anna. She's the youngest in the family, she overflows with joy, she's never met a stranger, she loves Jesus, she loves people, she is beautiful inside and out, and boy does she love Peter! I have been looking forward to their wedding day for such a long time, and it's here! It's finally here. I am so grateful to be part of such a beautiful day with so many people I love so dearly.

Congratulations, Anna and Peter!

Venue: North Ridge Country Club
Film Processing: Indie Film Lab








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Nov 11-14

Meet Emory!

NRP Team ~ by Nancy Ray ~ no comments


Emory, our fall intern, has been so, so wonderful. Ill never forget the very first wedding when she assisted me. We were at the Angus Barn, and she was so helpful as she rolled film, carried my bags, and was ready to do whatever I asked her. We were served her favorite meal, steak and potatoes, and I'll never forget how easy it was to just carry on a conversation with her. That's Emory - she's a friend to anyone. Emory only has a few weeks left here in the NRP studio with us, and I cannot even believe how time has flown! I am so grateful for her endless hard work: packing up all the print orders, USB orders, and album orders, dropping everything off at the UPS store almost daily, pinning to Pinterest, prepping blogposts, filing receipts, preparing equipment, assisting at weddings, and doing a million other miscellaneous tasks and errands we've asked her to do. Emory, we love you. You have been an amazing asset to this studio and team!


Now it's your turn to get to know a little about Emory! Be sure to follow her on Instagram, too!

Where are you from?
Raleigh, NC

Why do you love photography?
Photography allows moments to be captured and cherished that otherwise may be forgotten or never fully understood by others.

What are you passionate about?
Young Life College, bagels, fashion (especially black dresses), going on walks, small businesses and organization.


What is your current favorite book?
Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis

Your favorite food?
Steak and scalloped potatoes


What’s something that no one knows about you?
I usually eat something chocolate every morning.


Your favorite thing to do on a beautiful day?
Breakfast at the Farmers Market then walking around the Flea Market, Enoing somewhere in Raleigh or getting take out and eating dinner at the Art Museum during sunset.

Coffee or Tea?
Peppermint tea!


What are you grateful for today?
Breakfast sandwiches from Whole Foods, Josh Garrels and how my parents love me


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Nov 10-14


Guess what!? I finally got to meet the Terhune's, everybody! Let me tell you: the Terhune's are pretty much famous in my book. For well over a year now, I've heard Nancy and Will talk about how wonderful Graham and Samantha are, and more recently how adorable their little guy Perry is! I've heard so much about their sweet dispositions, their inspirational talent with photography, and how adorable they all are together. Needless to say, I was thrilled to shoot their family session early in October.

For me, it was a sweet time of just getting to know two genuinely wonderful people and their precious little boy, enjoying the gorgeous Fall day at Fearrington and getting to take some fun pictures of their sweet family together.

My favorite part of the session was when Samantha whipped out an apple and said, "We've never given Perry an apple before... let's see what happens!" His face was completely priceless as he got to experience his very first apple. He was a little unsure at first, but it didn't take him long to realize that this apple situation is actually a really good situation. So cute!

Graham and Samantha - you guys are awesome! The abundant joy you share together and with your little dude is so evident in the way you interact, and I'm thankful for the opportunity to capture a glimpse of that in these pictures of your precious family!












Comments: 2

  1. Samantha November 10, 2014 5:08 pm

    Elizabeth, thank you so incredibly much! Your beautiful words and images are making my Monday so wonderful. Thank you for being so sweet with us and capturing such a special time! We are so grateful for these images and your friendship! xoxo

  2. Will Ray November 12, 2014 7:16 pm

    Baby P is just the cutest! Love that little guy!

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Nov 07-14


Red, white and blue, sprinklers, sparklers, southern food trucks, a row boat getaway, a fluffy dog and lots of joyful children make for the best, all-american editorial shoot. In the heart of Tennessee, on a very hot summer day, lots of magic happened thanks to this amazing group of vendors. From the florals to the food trucks, each vendor put in so much work to bring life to this story and the vision would not have been complete without all of them!

With it's quaint pond, rolling hills and shaded woods, Cedarwood made the perfect backdrop for this fun-filled day. It was hot for sure and everyone had a place to be and things to prepare for whatever was next on our shot list! Between the outfit changes, location changes and abundant lovely details thanks to Amber Housley, there was never a stand still moment. This is the second time that I have visited Nashville with Nancy to assist an editorial shoot with Amber Housley for Southern Weddings Magazine and it just keeps getting better and better. Like a wedding day, editorial shoots are long days and on this particular day, as the day got longer and we got sweatier, the smiles on our faces only grew.

We were so happy to have Southern Weddings, Creative Director, Emily Thomas with us and she sure did keep the day full of fun!

Click here to see the amazing behind the scenes video by Nicholas & Keaton!

Venue, Styling, Florals & Signage: Cedarwood
Photographer: Nancy Ray / Nancy Ray Photography
Coordinator, Designer & Paper Goods: Amber Housley
Behind the Scenes Photographer: Callie Davis / Nancy Ray Photography
Hair & Makeup: Tara Thomas and Gina Putnam of Studio BBC
Fashion Stylist: Opulent Couturier

We are SO grateful for this amazing film by our friends Nicholas & Keaton. It's the perfect fun glimpse into our day, so be sure to watch it!

Southern Weddings V7 Photoshoot - Nashville from NICHOLAS & KEATON on Vimeo.




























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  1. Jamie November 8, 2014 3:47 am

    Callie-LOVE that last photo of you and Nancy!

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Nov 06-14


The concept of Fun and Fancy Free came to me on my back patio one day, as Callie and I were sitting in the blazing sunlight sipping on lemonade. If that isn't the perfect beginning to this all-American summer editorial, I don't know what is! My heart and inspiration behind this shoot was to simply share with brides that they can choose to do anything on their wedding day to make the experience fun for their guests. Food trucks, bathing suits, sprinklers, bonfires... anything! And it can still be just as beautiful and classy as ever!

We had a blast working with the incredibly talented Amber Housley, who worked so hard making sure that every detail was perfect and lovely. I am so, so grateful for her, for the Cedarwood team, for the incredibly patient boys and girls who waited and got all dressed up to be our models, for Latrice who made those models beautiful, for all the vendors listed below who dedicated their time and effort to make this day such a success. Oh I'm so grateful!

Photographer: Nancy Ray Photography
Videographer: Nicholas & Keaton
Venue, Styling, Florals, and Signage: Cedarwood Weddings
Coordinator, Designer, and Paper Goods: Amber Housley Weddings
Watercolor Map: Simply Jessica Marie
Catering: Poppy’s CafeLegato GelatoThe Peach Truck
Cakes: Patty Cakes
Hair and Makeup: Tara Thomas and Gina Putnam of Studio BBC
Fashion Stylist: Opulent Couturier
Bride’s Gown: “McCants” by LulaKate
Reception Dress: “Organza Striped” by LulaKate
Bridal Salon: The Bride Room
Bride’s Veil and Hair Accessories: Beatrice Couture Designs
Ladies’ and Kids’ Accessories: Charming Charlie
Bridesmaid Dresses: LulaKate
Bridesmaid Dress Salon: Bella Bridesmaids Nashville
Menswear: Street Tuxedo
Bow Tie: Otis James Nashville
Men’s and Kids’ Accessories: Land of the Thread
Kids’ Clothing: Gap Kids Green Hills Mall Nashville and Chaps Ralph Lauren



























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  1. Diane November 6, 2014 9:29 pm

    Oh Nancy – what a fun pic you captured of Rhys! Thank you! Your pictures are amazing and you were so wonderfully sweet! xo

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