Sweet Betty Ann. She went to high school with me, has been my across the street neighbor for many years, was a bridesmaid in a wedding I shot in the Spring and her mom is dear friends with my mother-in-law. To say the least, I have been so excited for Betty Ann to be a bride and to be such a big part of her and Jamie’s wedding day!

I met her and her mom at Carolina Country Club on the most beautiful Summer evening. When I saw her in her dress, it took my breath away. I love everything about her dress – the color, the delicate and unique lace combined with the tulle and the neckline. Before we walked outside, Betty Ann said to me “Ok Callie, I wanted to let you know that my dad is here playing golf but he’s never seen my dress so we just need to be a little bit careful.” I love daddy daughter first looks so I definitely wanted to be sure that they would be able to have that moment on her wedding day and not at her bridal session. We knew that he was out somewhere on the golf course, most likely far away from where we would be but just to be sure, every corner we turned, we called out his name to make sure that he wasn’t there. Betty Ann and Jamie were married this past weekend and I can’t wait for you to see her dad’s reaction to seeing her for the first time!

Venue: Carolina Country Club
Film Processing: Indie Film Lab












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