It was a beautiful autumn day at Lake Lynn.  We went to Lauren and Ben’s favorite spot, right on the lake.  We walked through a path of fallen leaves and beautiful trees, and I could tell how much they loved this place.  It was their place. Even though other people were walking around and enjoying it, they had spent many afternoons here looking over the water.  I could tell by watching them they just enjoy being together.  No plans, no strings attached, they just enjoy each other’s company.  That’s how I know their love is one that is not easily shaken.  They really cherish one another, and I could see that.

Isn’t Lauren stunning?

Can you see the turtles?  It was so much fun watching them!

They insisted on these casual shots, because it was so “them.”  They said they relax on the time and just enjoy the outdoors.  It was so fun to watch them together!

This last one was Lauren’s idea, and it just might be my favorite one of the day.  Thanks Lauren and Ben for a sweet afternoon… I know your wedding day will be even sweeter!

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Love them! You’re awesome. I looooved the picture with our reflection in the lake – that was such a good idea! We had such a fun time that day as well :) good memories

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