We have such exciting news to share… Baby Ray #3 is on the way!

There are so, so many emotions flying around in my head and my heart these days. Just SO many. And in all of it, I’m just overwhelmed with gratitude because I just plain feel so undeserving of everything that’s happening in my life.


New studio.
New home.
10 years of marriage.


When God gave me the word “NEW” for 2018, He knew exactly what He was doing. Cue the tears all day every day because #pregnant.

Yes, this was a complete surprise! Lyndon was 8 months old when we found out, and I was quite… overwhelmed / baffled / shocked at first. It was quite comical. I cried and laughed on the bathroom floor for about an hour straight. We had always wanted baby #3, but we planned to wait another year or so. But a few minutes after finding out, when Will and I were staring at each other on the bathroom floor, laughing and crying at the same time, we realized that there is truly no better gift.

There is NO better gift.


I look at Milly and Lyndon and cannot wait to discover this next, new little person. While this timing was a big surprise, God has made it clear to me over and over again: His timing is PERFECT. Flawless. His plan is perfect. And honestly the older I get, the more I realize that life is a crazy ride, God is in complete control, and I’ll be a lot more joyful if I just let go and join Him!


And because it’s always fun to give pregnancy updates, here are answers to some questions!

How far along are you / when are you due?
I’m 16 weeks as of writing this post… due December 10th. Both of my other babies were born in the middle of the summer, so yay for timing this well with wedding season! And good grief I HAVE NO ABS. My sweet little belly has popped out so stinkin fast with this third baby there is no more hiding it!

How have you been feeling?
I was a little tired first trimester, but that’s it. Not sick one little bit! It has been the biggest blessing to honestly feel like life is going on as normal, since there are so many other life changes happening at the same time as this pregnancy. I don’t know what I would have done if I was sick like I was with Lyndon while trying to pack up my entire house.


Are you finding out the gender this time?
Yes!! We will be finding out the gender this time! We were surprised with the gender for both Milly and Lyndon, and both times I really thought they were boys. Both of their pregnancies were pretty different too. I would be surprised again, but Will is determined to find out this time! He said if he has three girls he needs a hot second to prepare for that. Who can blame him 😉

Are you planning on natural / unmedicated births again?
Yes – Milly’s birth and Lyndon’s birth were both unmedicated hospital births. The only difference this time is that we are planning to have Baby 3 in a birth center instead of a hospital. (You can read their birth stories here: Milly’s birth Part One and Part Two // Lyndon’s birth Part One and Part Two)

What cravings have you had?
Honestly, iced water (weird because I usually never drink ice in my water). And pickles taste seriously good right now!


Will you have more kids, or is this your last?
There will be more Ray babies! We hope to adopt one day, and maybe have another after this. Just gonna pray a lot and follow God’s lead. We had said “3” all along, but Will and I both feel like we will at least have 4. Just call us Amish. (But seriously – WHO AM I.)

We are just so incredibly grateful for this adventure, for this surprise, for the reminder that God is in control, for this precious new little life! Here’s to 2018 – it’s been quite the year, and the best is yet to come!

All photos by the amazing Olivia Suriano
Dress: Target Maternity // Girls Rompers: Old Navy // Girls Hairbows: Because of Zoe // Will’s outfit: It’s probably 7 years old and I have no idea

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Such a wonderful blessing!! We had our second baby in a birth center and it was such an amazing experience! Wishing you the same :)

So happy for you!!!!!!!! :)

Congratulations – so fun to read your blog. I am one of 3 girls – its wonderful having sisters! no matter HIS plan you are blessed to have whatever HE decides.

Congratulations! Surprise babies are THE best! Our baby was 3 1/2 months old when we found out we were pregnant. Both my boys were born in April and it has been such a blessing seeing how close they are. They’re 2 and 3 years old right now and it is so much fun (and very busy :)

This is wonderful news! I absolutely agree with Cheyenne’s favorite sections – lol. Congratulations on all of these wonderful blessings hitting at once!


Congrats!! And that’s the perfect sign :).

Two best parts of this:

“I’ll be a lot more joyful if I just let go and join Him!” – YES!

“Will’s outfit: It’s probably 7 years old and I have no idea” – LOL!

Love you guys!

congratulations nancy!! your family is beautiful!!

Wow, I am thrilled for the four of you Nancy, such a wonderful surprise and blessing!

YAYYY! Oh, Nancy, I’m so happy for you and your family!!!

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