I knew time would fly. Everyone told me it would, and it is. However, it’s beautiful. Often I hear that phrase as a forewarning, so other moms make sure I know it’s heartbraking to have time go by so quickly. I must say, I now understand the catch 22 of motherhood: wanting your child to grow healthy and strong while simultaneously wanting them to stay tiny forever. But I’ve realized the pace of life is really, really beautiful. Yes, once a baby enters your world time takes on a different pace completely. It’s really slow and really fast at the same time. It absolutely has been a blur. But it’s more beautiful than I ever realized it would be. Every day that passes by us means Milly is one day older, and goodness she’s changed so much in just 8 short weeks! Every day that passes means she is less tiny and less fragile. But every day that passes means she is one day closer to stepping into her purpose and destiny. And my goal as a mama is to hold her hand and help her do just that – step into her place in God’s kingdom this this world with her head held high, knowing she was meant for something great. What a privilege it is to be a mom.

My advice to new Mamas? Time will fly, but it will also crawl by, and it’s all so beautiful. Embrace it exactly how God made it to be, because it’s all too wonderful to really put into words.

August Goals

Read The Blessed Life & The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up
Complete The No Brainer Wardrobe Workshop
Go for a walk/run 3x each week
Try 3 New Recipes
Donate my hair (!)
Lose 5 lbs
Shop at the Farmer’s Market
Get Milly’s Babybook up to date
Order prints of our first few months with Milly
Have lots of Milly and Mama time at home and savor this sweet full month of maternity leave!

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Hair donation what????

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