There was such a sweet spirit about Aubrey and Brenton’s wedding. So many things made it so meaningful: a handkerchief that had been passed down generations, vows that were written by the bride and groom, toasts that made everyone laugh and cry.  It was apparent that they are a very loved couple! When Aubrey’s Dad saw her for the first time, they both cried and were speechless. They took time to just be together, soaking in the moment. (Aubrey is definitely a Daddy’s girl!) Everyone was so full of anticipation for the day they had been waiting for!

My favorite memory was when Brenton said his vows. Oh I wish I could remember his perfectly chosen words! Everyone was in tears by the time he was done. It was an elegant ballroom wedding, with warm light and chandeliers. Enjoy this warm, heartfelt wedding!

Venue: Grand Marquise Ballroom
Officiant: Eddie Mullins
Cake Artist: Dreme Cake Artistry
Caterer: Kaplan Catering
Florist: Simply Elegant
Event Designer & Coordinator: All OK-sion Events
Hair Stylist: Tanas Hair Designs
Film Processing: Indie Film Lab

nancyray-aubreybrenton1nancyray-aubreybrenton2nancyray-aubbrewed-3127 nancyray-aubbrewed-3133nancyray-aubreybrenton3nancyray-aubreybrenton4nancyray-aubreybrenton5nancyray-aubreybrenton6nancyray-aubreybrenton7

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What a fun surprise to see the invitations I designed on your blog! Aubrey and Brenton’s wedding turned out beautifully – love the photos.

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