Look y’all. Admittedly, I’m not a voluntarily early riser, but I’ll do it so a pregnant lady can avoid 100 degree temperatures while we traipse around a huge park for Maternity photos.

I met Ashley and Dustin at Joyner Park and I think we got started around 7:30am? I don’t remember the exact time because my coffee was barely kicking in when I whipped the car into the parking lot on two wheels. Either way, the only thing I remember was that it was a really great call because oh. my. word it got toasty toward the end!

I’ve mentioned before that it is literally so much fun for me to meet a couple for maternity photos, and to know I’ll see them again to take pictures of them actually holding their little one in their arms (in the AC indoors) in no time at all! Pictures aside, the Lyerly’s were super chill and fun to just to hang out with, and I’m very excited to get to see them again in October!

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[…] originally met Ashley and Dustin back in August for their film maternity session, and I was so thankful to be able to see them again and meet their beautiful baby girl, Emma, just […]

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