So there are two things I learned after photographing Ashley and Chris’ rehearsal dinner.

1. I want to be a better friend like Ashley is. Literally – every single friend that went up to toast said that Ashley was there for her in a time of need, in a crazy adventure, or that she shows up on the reg just to hang out. I’m pretty sure that every single girl said that Ashley was her best friend. How amazing is that? After hearing what an amazing friend Ashley is, I was so inspired to actually show up more often in my friends’ lives more often.

2. I want to bribe Ashley to actually be my friend.

I kid. (Well, not really.) But all in all, the point I want to make is that Rehearsal dinners are my favorite. They give me a glimpse into the personalities of my couples, and I get to know them on a deeper level and know how to capture them even better on their wedding day.

And I can’t leave out Chris, because while Ashley is a faithful friend to many, Chris has some solid, deep relationships with a few guys that really respect him. I mean REALLY respect him. And his best man said that Chris picked him up from the airport (refusing him to ever take an Uber) no less than 42 times when he was visiting Raleigh quite often for a season.

I just love these people! Don’t you want to be them? #goals. Stay tuned, because their wedding day is coming up tomorrow and you don’t want to miss it!

Venue: The Sutherland
Film Processing: Indie Film Lab














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