Oh how I love this family. Since I was there when Grace was born almost 9 months ago, time seems to fly all to quickly. Each time I see her I’m amazed at how much she’s grown! Ari and Lara are now seasoned parents with a new, full joy that cannot be explained.  Their love for this girl is indescribable. Their love for each other has grown deeper. To the three of you – I am so grateful you are in my life. What a beautiful family you are, and I know the Lord takes great delight in your precious family!


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she really is a little doll baby. what a sweet family. love how clean these images are.

OH, Nancy! Seriously!!! These are just gorgeous. Until I can hold that sweet girl in person, you must give her a good squeeze for me next time you see her. She is so precious!

Nancy, through your eyes you have captured the love, happiness and wonder of Grace in the eyes of Lara and Ari! Thank you for giving us these moments forever.

These could not be any more stunning. Such a precious family, and baby Grace has some serious style! Lara is wearing my favorite blue shirt! (I may or may not have it in about 7 colors.)
Wonderful as always, Nancy!

Love!!! Beautiful images of a beautiful family! :)

That last photo? Gorgeous!! I mean SERIOUSLY gorgeous!

So beautiful!! Nancy, these are stunning – great work!

Oh. My. Word. Nancy- when you’re in Nashville next you have to let me know. I need you to take pictures of our family :) Beautiful shots!

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