Engagement session & post by Elizabeth, Associate Photographer

Can I just say how awesome this couple is? From the moment I met Arden and Adam in Nancy’s studio, I knew they would be a ton of fun to work with. In fact, I remember saying those exact words to Nancy as soon as they left that day. They immediately struck me as the kind of couple that has fun everywhere they go, in everything they do, as long as they are together.

I shot their engagement session at the beautiful Duke Gardens, and as we walked around together I realized quickly that they are super laid back and very down to earth, content just to be in a beautiful place spending time, talking, cuddling up together- completely in love. Their personalities are so complementary of each other, and boy do they laugh a lot. Their sense of humor as a couple was honestly refreshing and so much fun to capture. At the end of their session I felt I had known them for a lot longer than I actually have – a gift I feel like they probably leave everybody with.

Adam and Arden – I am genuinely excited about your wedding coming up in just a couple of short months… can you believe it’s right around the corner? There’s not a doubt in my mind that day will be full of beautiful moments and loads of fun. I can’t wait!


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These photos are beautiful, Elizabeth! And this couple is adorable!!!

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