We are coming out of our slow season at NRP, but this “slow” season has been like no other! It was full of purpose and accomplishment and planning and I’ve loved it. As a team, we are starting to set and accomplish quarterly goals, and it’s been so good keeping us on track. However, it also meant a bit of scrambling at the end of March to bring them all to completion! With that said, I’m glad that Q1 has come to a close, and Q2 of 2016 will be significant for me for a number of reasons:

1. Milly turns one. I can’t even.
2. Wedding season begins!
3. Family season and mini sessions also begin!
5. I’ll be doing the Contentment Challenge all of Q2.
6. The entire NRP team is running a half marathon together.
7. I’m praying through a really significant decision. (Sorry to be shady! Just can’t talk openly about it yet. Prayers are SO appreciated though.)
8. The Nancy Ray Shop will be in full swing.

Before I continue, let me just say: THANK YOU. Y’all, the day I launched the Nancy Ray Shop, I was a hot mess. I had a full on crying meltdown, I was nervous, I had so many hesitations and doubts, I was excited and hopeful – I basically was a big ball of emotion. WHY?! I don’t even know. I guess when you set out to accomplish a goal that is tied close to your heart, when you put yourself out there, you just don’t know what to expect. I digress – I really just wanted to say a big thank you for each person who downloaded something. I am so grateful and so in awe.

Back to what I was saying: Q2 is gonna be plain GOOD. So full of LIFE! A first birthday and a team half marathon and loving on our clients? That’s good stuff. So here are my goals to keep me centered and grounded over these next few months:

April Goals

Start the Contentment Challenge
Read Boundaries
Read 70 pages in The Road to Character
Take really sweet photos of Milly (I just don’t do this enough!)
Run a 10K + continue half marathon training
Take a Sabbath weekly
Send invites to Milly’s birthday party (!)
Complete a sugar fast
Complete 3 new products and add to the Nancy Ray Shop

Do you blog your monthly goals? Leave a link to your goals in the comments!

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Nancy, I love the sugar fast! I tied that into the Contentment Challenge and am doing that as well! Hugs and blessings on Milly’s birthday, your training, and the big decision you’re praying about!

See you in the Influence Net class next week!

Oh, and here are my goals! http://dianakerr.com/april-goals-2016/

Dying to hear more about this sugar fast!! I so need to do that alongside you.

Love you so much, friend! I can’t believe Milly is going to be ONE!

Happy (almost) birthday, Milly! What a fun season! I posted goals this morning: http://hourheart.com/blog/2016/3/20/spring

I just love reading your goals sweet Nancy! They encourage my heart so much and you inspire me to set my own goals!


I was out this morning shopping at yard sales and I found Boundaries and the Boundaries Workbook for .50 cents. I was so thrilled because I wanted to do the study and today proved that God wanted me too. 😉 Thanks for your obedience in leading this book reading<3

I can’t believe we will both be sending out FIRST birthday party invitations this month!! Where did the time go?! Here are my goals for this month: http://www.laurenjollyphotography.com/april-goals-2016/

Can’t wait for you to read The Road to Character – I hope you love it!! http://www.emformarvelous.com/april-2016-goals/

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