I love this picture so much. Annie is in her element y’all – the bride’s veil wrapped around her neck, bonding with this little flower girl and showing her a picture of her own daughter, Mara Kate on her phone. Annie is one of a kind and the NRP team has been overflowing with love for her from the moment we met her. To me, this picture describes Annie perfectly. She’s not afraid to get on your level (whether it’s her level or not). She engages with you, gives you her full attention and listening ear. She commits whole heartedly to anything that she does – this internship, being a mom, adoption, and being a wife. It has been such a joy having her on our team this Spring! I am so thankful that this is not goodbye sweet Annie Brown!

Take it away Annie!

How in the world is this internship already over, and how in the world do I sum up ALL THE THINGS I have learned? Doing the NRP internship has been such a sweet blessing in so many ways. From a business and personal development stand point, the lessons I have learned are invaluable. I have grown and gotten to be a part of so many exciting things, that my creative soul feels reenergized. It is hard to narrow down and actually write down some of the things I have learned, but I will give it a shot.


1. Streamline your common procedures.
I’ve been told this, but NRP does this. Write down what you do for all those things that you do regularly. Make them reproducible. If Nancy or Callie were ever not available, I had every procedure written down in my intern handbook, and I could reference it and knew exactly what to do.

2. Go out of your way to care for people.
Whether it’s clients, each other, wedding guests, vendors, everybody. These ladies do this and make me want to be better at it!



3. Know your core values and stick to them.
Quality over quantity. Consider each shot carefully and don’t just be trigger happy for the sake of it. NRP reviews these regularly and knows them.

4. Be strategic in marketing.
Instagram, Periscope, Pinterest, Facebook, all the social media things – make a plan and stick to it.



5. Lastly and most importantly, point people to Jesus and pray for/with them any chance you get.
The NRP team prays together. They text each other encouragement. They even prayed with a bride during a consultation sensing that is what she needed in the stress of planning. They are the real deal. After following the NRP team for years on social media, I knew we would be friends if we ever met. Now I know 100% we are and always will be. It brings me so much joy knowing I will forever be in the NRP family.

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