Sweet Anna has been such a blessing to the NRP Team for the past couple of months and we are so thankful for her kindhearted, relational spirit! I’m excited to let her tell you a little bit about what she has learned through her intern experience! Take it away Anna!

You guys, I cannot believe that this internship has already come to an end. I have learned so much from these sweet ladies and got to see what a gospel-centered, organized, and successful small business looks like up close and personal. I am so thankful for the time that I have had serving them as their intern, it truly has been an honor. Here are 12 things I learned in my short 12 weeks:

1. It’s all about Jesus! I can attest that these women LOVE the Lord. Each day during our morning huddle, they open with scripture and prayer. There are many things to accomplish in the studio and on a wedding day but these ladies are constantly reminding each other about the importance of who they are as a daughter of Christ and how they do not find their worth in productivity.

2. Milly is EVEN cuter in person than on Instagram. Seriously she is the sweetest.

3. NRP is intentional. From day one, I was blown away with their intentionality and ability to make those they are around feel so loved and important.

4. Callie wears slippers to and from weddings and it’s the cutest thing ever.

5. Serve others! NRP prays before every wedding and asks for opportunities to serve their clients and other vendors. I love their servant hearts.

6. Prioritize family time. I respect how much these women truly love and prioritize time with their family.

7. Fun fact: Olivia does not like french fries. I know, right? We still love her anyway!

8. They are organized and purposeful with everything they do from answering emails to sending products to clients. They truly are the most thoughtful people!

9. NRP loves Panera and Jubala. This is the way to their heart.

10. Branding is important. Every thank you card, USB, print order, etc is thoughtfully packaged and reflects the brand of NRP.

11. They have team meetings every 2 weeks and at the end we rate the meeting. It only gets a 10 if there are tears and food.

12. It is really important to actually put film in the camera. I will not make that mistake again.

Watching this business run has given me insight into how much goes on behind the scenes. These women are super focused, hardworking, and God-honoring. They love what they do and they love each other so well! The core purpose of Nancy Ray Photography is: Glorifying God & inspiring legacies through photography and education. I can honestly say that day to day, this is what NRP does. I am forever grateful for all the laughs, long car rides, heart to hearts and the many weddings we shared together. I have gained 4 new friends that I love dearly. Thank you guys for all the time and energy you have poured into me.

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So sweet + wonderful! And we know it’s true bc it shows in everything you do & say! <3

Must know more about the aprons!!! Do you wear them for shooting??? So cute!!!

Yes! We can’t imagine shooting without them! You can find more about them by checking out http://www.oatmeallace.com

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