When I met Amy, we were standing in the back of a dark room at the Influence Conference, bouncing our babies. Our babies actually became friends before we did! It was too sweet – they kept reaching out to one another and laughing. We struck up a conversation, and we have stayed in touch ever since!

Y’all, she’s one of my very people to follow on instagram. She is the most creative, genuine, life-speaking, Jesus loving souls I’ve ever met. And get this: She is an Army helicopter pilot!! So is her husband! They are both in the army, they are both my heroes.

Amy also has the most adorable home I’ve ever seen, but that’s another story. (You can find all of her cuteness on insta.)

Somewhere along the way, we found out we share the exact same birthday – New Year’s Eve, and we are the exact same age! So this December 31st, we’ll both turn 30 together. It’s like we were meant to be friends.

We finally got our girls together a few weeks ago and I took some sweet maternity photos for her. I will forever cherish that day, just two days before her ultrasound. That ultrasound changed things. She was expecting to find the gender, but she found some news that was unexpected, and while there is no diagnosis, she is unsure of the road ahead.

But can we pause and just celebrate LIFE?! This baby is worth celebrating, AMEN? The life that is growing in her has purpose and God doesn’t make mistakes. So while this baby grows inside this brave mama, we celebrate. These images are sacred and precious, and this mama is a fighter. So let’s link arms and celebrate life that is worthy of our celebration and love.

Friends, would y’all pray for this mama? It’s no joke to be in the army. But it’s seriously no joke to be in the army taking care of a one year old WHILE your husband is away for months while dealing with an emotional pregnancy. (Her due date falls while he is gone, so she’ll be facing this entire pregnancy and birth without her husband here.) Heroes, I tell you.

Tonight, say a prayer this beautiful mama, her husband, her Everly, and her sweet baby on the way. God is good and faithful and His plans are perfect. Tonight we celebrate His faithfulness and LIFE abundant!

Film Processing: Indie Film Lab


Let me just say I cannot handle that this horse literally kissed that baby in her belly. This image makes me want to cry.












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