I met Amber and Will on Sunday morning at Pullen Park. It was cold and gloomy, but Amber and Will’s attitudes were quite the opposite! As we walked through the park, it was almost as if we were not doing an engagement session at all but just spending time together as true friends. Our main topic of discussion: marriage counseling! I am so blessed to be working with the clients that I am during this exciting period of my life because I get it. The wedding planning including each and every little detail and decision, the life planning – where are we going to live, what are we going to do, and most importantly the marriage planning. While Jamie and I are in the midst of planning, our greatest desire is to focus more on our marriage and less on our wedding. I am so encourage by this couple, because they are doing just that. I love the way that they have invested in the marriage counseling series at Summit and were open with me about the things they have been learning about marriage and about each other.


Fun side note: Jamie and Will were in the same Fraternity at NC State and we didn’t put this together until after Amber and Will booked me as their photographer and we found out we go to the same church!


Amber and Will, I am so excited for your wedding in less than two weeks and am praying that The Lord will continue to bless you!

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