This couple holds such a dear, dear place in my heart.  My history with Bobby and Ally goes back much further than most, which makes capturing this sweet season of life such a privilege for me. Bobby was just a senior in high school when my husband Will became the youth ministries director at our church 4.5 years ago. We watched him play drums on the worship team, mature in his faith, graduate, move to Boone and attend to Appstate (of course I was very proud of his college decision!), and meet a lovely little lady named Ally. Because we are close friends with Bobby’s parents – who are the proud owners of Boaz – our dog’s brother and who also volunteer regularly at church – we were able to keep up with Bobby regularly when we would come home from college to visit. Let me tell you – he was smiling from ear to ear every time he mentioned Ally! He kept telling me that he couldn’t wait for me to meet her.

When I finally did meet Ally, I was so impressed with this beautiful girl who was so full of joy! We immediately hit it off because of our love for photography. She was majoring in Technical Photography at App – exactly what I majored in! I told Bobby I definitely approved of the girl he was dating. Bright and beautiful, Ally simply lights up a room whenever she walks into it.

Fast forward to now, and I see a beautiful couple with a lot of heart and passion for life and for one another. God is faithful! He knew what He was doing when He brought them together, for they couldn’t be more perfectly suited for one another. Bobby is a strong leader who loves the Lord, who sees things in black and white, who fights for what is right, who pushes himself to accomplish big goals. (He completed his first Ironman at the age of 20!) There’s no doubt in my mind he will provide for Ally and love her well for the rest of his life. Ally is full of grace and beauty. She loves people, she shows mercy, she has a beautiful heart and a natural gift for photography. (See her work here!) And she absolutely adores Bobby.

Bobby and Ally, we love you two a whole lot. Praying blessings over you and your marriage… We cannot wait for your wedding day!


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Every time I look at these photos I get giddy all over again! Thank you so, so much Nancy. Thank you for your kind words about both of us!! Those mean just as much to us as the photos!

Nancy, how are these so perfect?! Beautiful work!!

These are absolutely breathtaking photos of a couple very much in love! Combining two beautiful people with one amazing photographer has produced stunning photos that have truly captured the essence of love.

such a joyful engagement session! beautiful, nancy!

Nancy: you captured them perfectly and we love these two so much! Of course, one of my favorites is them on the bike :)

Thank you so much Nancy for your sweet words about our Bobby and Ally, and the way that you captured them on film. God is so very good to bring this new daughter into our lives. We are so excited for their upcoming union. And personally we are so thrilled that you, my sweet friend, were behind the camera for this shoot.

Jasmine Marciniak

I love this session and this couple so so so much. What a blessing and a light they both are! Ally and Bobby were made for each other!! Can NOT wait to their marriage unfold! Love you both

Gorgeous Nancy! The light in these is incredible! Beautiful photos!!!

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