Alison and Doug were married on a gorgeous September day, and it was such a joy to capture their contagious love. Never before have I felt so cared for on a wedding day! They were constantly checking on me and Elizabeth. Not only did they make sure that we had what we needed, they wanted to be sure we were enjoying ourselves during their reception! Honestly, I wouldn’t expect anything less from this sweet couple. They are selfless, and it shined through even on a day that was supposed to be all about them. From the genuine prayer around the door prior to their ceremony to the laughter on the dance floor, this day was simple and full of meaningful celebration!

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Wilson!

Venue: Wake Field Plantation
Cake Artist: Whole Foods
Caterer: TPC Wakefield Plantation
Florist: Lisa’s House of Flowers
Event Coordinator: TPC Wakefield
Reception DJ: All Around Raleigh DJ
Hair & Makeup Artist: Noelle at The Parlor
Custom Prints: Laura Underwood
Menu & Ceremony Sign: Kenan Hill Designs
Custom Koozies: Cherish by Noel
Film Processing: Indie Film Lab

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Thank you for your sweet words and awesome photos, Callie! We will cherish these for a long time :)

Such a great snapshot of an incredible day! So happy for you Alison and Doug :) Love you both!

We are so glad you are here!

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