Each season, Alex and Jack put together a bucket list of things that they want to do together. Some are repeats of things that they love to do and some are new things to try together. How fun is that?! In the Spring, two things on their bucket list included a day trip to Charleston, SC and Asheville, NC. When Jack told Alex that they were going on a special day date to Asheville, she didn’t think anything of it. Jack even bought her a new dress from her favorite store, Anthropologie that he completely picked out on his own! It wasn’t until they passed the “Welcome to South Carolina” signs that Alex realized that they were going to Charleston and not Asheville. Jack packed the day with fun adventures – they went to Magnolia Plantation, rode bikes and ate dinner at Cru Cafe. After an amazing day, he suggested that they walk around White Point Garden before getting dessert and heading home. After finding the most beautiful spot, Jack got down on one knee and asked Alex to marry him. I love this story, not only because it took place in Charleston, one of my favorite places in the world, but because Jack decided to propose to her on such a normal day for them, completely surprising Alex.

These two are full of so much love, joy and adventure and it is so evident that the only thing that they need is each other. After dating since they were 16, and spending many years of their relationship long distance, they have cultivated a strong foundation in The Lord and in each other. They are so supportive of each other’s hopes and dreams, and I know that The Lord will bless and challenge them in their soon-to-be marriage!

Congratulations Jack and Alex! I am beyond excited for your farm wedding next Summer! It’s an honor to know you!

Location: Annie Louise Wilkerson Nature Preserve
Hair and Makeup: Lula Hair and Makeup
Film Processing: Indie Film Lab



















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Where did you get that dress from???? Obsessed 😊😊😊

Callie, I come back to this post so often! So much fun and so much joy! It’s impossible to pick our favorites because we love them all so much! We are so thankful for your talent!

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