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In June, Will and I went camping with dear friends at Blue Bear Mountain Campgrounds in Boone, NC. We were excited to take our camping buddies, Emily and John, to all of our favorite hiking and waterfall spots from our newlywed days of living in Boone. We went to Hebron Rock Colony and Twisted Falls – our two favorite hikes. We also discovered downtown the Todd general store, complete with a live bluegrass band every Friday night! We had perfect weather for mountain camping: sunny high 70’s and low 80’s during the day, dropping to the 60’s at night. Everything was perfect, really. And yet of all these adventures, my favorite part of this trip had to be our late night conversations around the fire. I’m so grateful for friends who can not only laugh together, but who can share life and meaningful conversation with one another. I believe a tradition is in the making, and I am quite happy about it!

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Below: Yes, my husband is crazy. Just looking at this photo gives me the heebie-jeebies!

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[…] year, we go camping with our dear friends Emily and John. (See our first and second and third years camping.) This is year four, and we added two other little campers to our mix! […]

Oh this post just makes me so excited! I am leaving this evening for our annual youth ministry retreat. While we will be staying in cabins, there will be lots of outdoor goodness for us to share with the students while we are there. Boone looks beautiful!

It really was a great weekend. Thanks for showing us around and sharing the photos!

Epic series of the waterfall slide, Miss Nancy! One of my favorite traditions for sure :)

Nancy, these are so fun! Greg and I love camping! :) I love y’alls adventures!

So cool!! I want to go there! Does Winston like being outside all day?

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