These sweet friends are so near and dear to my heart! I met Addison and John through mutual friends and instantly clicked with them. So when they asked my to capture such a sweet season in their lives I was incredibly honored. Just in this year we have already gotten to go on some pretty fun adventures with them (Remember that time I took Andrew with me to Jamaica to shoot a wedding? Well, Addison and John were there too! We got to eat way too many meals together and lounge by the beach.) Making me even more excited for their wedding day.

Addison and John happen to be getting married in my favorite wedding month of the year, and in one of my favorite locations, Wilmington, NC! I am counting down the days until I get these two behind my camera again and we get to dance the night away as they celebrate their MARRIAGE!

I am so excited for you both and so grateful to know you as clients and friends!

Film Processing: Indie Film Lab

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