well, this past sunday i had my most memorable photography experience to date!  i met a couple for their e*session out at millbrook high school to take their pictures.  we were so excited because it was where they met – in middle school at that!  he played football there, she was in the marching band… a perfect, all-American, high-school sweetheart story!  joey & jonathan were so much fun.  we were walking around the campus and saw that the gates to the football stadium were locked, so we didn’t bother.  when we passed by the front doors, we checked to see if they were unlocked, just out of curiosity.  AND THEY WERE!  a perfect photography moment!  i get to capture this amazing couple in the halls that they walked down as they were falling in love!

well, it wasn’t as perfect as we thought.  while we did get some awesome, fun photos inside the building, we set off a silent alarm and had NO IDEA.


in mere moments we saw a cop car outside, blocking our cars in.  naturally, we run outside to make sure we weren’t getting ticketed!  then we noticed… there wasn’t just one cop car.  there were two, three, no FOUR cop cars AND a security van around the entrance of the building!

the officers were, to say the least, NOT happy with us!  apparently we had trespassed which was an “arrestable offense!”

excuse me officer, i think i juuuuust peed myself!

after giving us a hefty scold, a heavy warning, taking our drivers license information, running background checks, searching the entire building, and scolding us some more, the Principal arrived.  DANG.  forget the ticket! i felt like i was about to get a pink slip, or a suspension!

i think all we could muster was, “i’m so sorry, i’m so sorry, i will never… i promise, never again… i’m just so sorry!

we seriously felt so bad that we had wasted everyone’s time and not even known we were doing wrong!  we all took turns apologizing a bajillion times, and finally they realized we really weren’t trying to blow up the school, but wanted only some memorable photographs.  {believe me, we got the memorable photographs!}

and they let us go.  thankfully, we didn’t spend the night in jail!  and we didn’t even get a ticket!  but it was quite the adventure.  we left and headed over to North Hills to finish the e*session, which turned out to definitely be the most memorable photography session i’ve ever had!  stay tuned to the blog the next few days, and i’ll be sure to post some of their photos :).

this is the only proof of “the incident.”  i was WAY too scared to pull out my big lens, so i snapped this with my iphone!  what can i say… i am afraid of cops.


one last note – if we were sent to jail, i told joey and jonathan that if they paid my bail, i’d shoot their wedding for free.  just, you know, for future reference.

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That is priceless. Love it!!!!

Nancy!!! Holy Cow. I am laughing so hard, but wow, I know you all were scared! I love their story and think it is so sweet! I am glad you got those photos! They are beautiful! You are a trooper, haha!

That is the funniest story!!! I think I would be shaking too much to hold the camera still after that!

You told this story so well! I have been a school district employee before so I guess I know well that you don’t stomp on grounds after hours, but at least all of this turned out well!

oh my gosh! you are HILARIOUS!!! seems like you are always on an adventure….thanks for keeping us laughing! love you!

hahaha nancy this is hilarious!! Kyle and I went to a park with friends one night in Raleigh and the cops showed up JUST like that. We were just swinging on swings and talking, but they took our licenses and ran background checks b/c the park was technically closed. I WAS SO SCARED!!! It was hilarious though, SO glad you didn’t have to go to jail!!

I LOVE THIS!! I have to tell you, I’ve had nightmares the last few nights about policemen arresting us! As scary as it was, we had so much fun! Thanks for being such a trooper :)

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