Barnhardt 60 Anniversary 23

Our family recently gathered around to celebrate 2 incredible people. I am so thankful for Grandpa Gene and for Grandma Neva. They have loved and served and fought for the 60 years of marriage we celebrated. 60 YEARS. Less than 5% of couples make it to that milestone, and I sat in awe as we celebrated their love. Grandma Neva kept taking me by the hand and saying, “It wasn’t easy, getting to this point. I don’t ever want you to think it was easy.”

Wise words, and true words. Nothing worth achieving is ever easy though, is it?

Hoping and praying to follow in their dedicated, wise, selfless footsteps.

Barnhardt 60 Anniversary 20

Barnhardt 60 Anniversary 28

Barnhardt 60 Anniversary 15

Barnhardt 60 Anniversary 22

Barnhardt 60 Anniversary 19

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A beautiful post Nancy. What a lovely family you have!

Love these pictures. Especially the first one radiates love and affection. Watching both my grandparents celebrate 65 years has been precious.

I read this post exactly when I needed it most. It’s never going to be easy, getting that far along together in life. All the best to them, what a wonderful milestone. x

Everything about this is so beautiful Nancy. My grandparents have been married for 55 years and their love continues to inspire me :)

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