I am happy to introduce our guest blogger today, Miss Jamie Hopkins, our Spring Intern! She has been such a joy to have around! 


Over the past three months I have had the great pleasure to intern with Nancy Ray Photography. This experience has allowed me to spend two days a week in the studio and numerous weekends assisting Nancy at weddings. Looking back, I am most thankful for the moments spent in the studio with Nancy and Callie (& Winston, too)!  The entire NRP team welcomed me with open arms and taught me the in and outs of their business. This internship has taught me so much about the wedding industry, photography and myself- so I figured I would share with you 5 things I learned while working with NRP!

1. Communication is key. Nancy and her team do a great job communicating with everyone. Before, during and after the wedding- Nancy stays in connection with these couples and their families too.

2. Film is not dead. I now fully understand and appreciate why Nancy has switched to film. It is beautiful and every image takes my breath away.

3. The importance of developing a relationship with clients. NRP does a great job of making booked clients feel comfortable with their photographer, and vice versa. I’ve noticed how comfortable couples are around Nancy on their wedding day- and it has made a huge difference!

4. Organization. One of the many things Nancy and I have in common is our love for organization and finding new ways to stay organized. I have applied many of Nancy’s organizational tips to my own life in many ways!

5. Find joy in everything. I will always remember the first wedding when I assisted Nancy. The weather was a little crazy: it was raining and the ceremony was moved to a new location just a few hours before the wedding. Nancy remained calm and full of joy this entire day! Her patience and attitude is something I genuinely admire.

Interning with Nancy Ray Photography over the past three months has been an experience I will never forget.  It is still hard for me to believe that I was given this opportunity and was able to work with someone I have admired for years. Nancy- thank you so much for this opportunity and sharing your life and business with me!


Ally, our 2nd shooter for the day with Jamie, assisting at a wedding


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