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I’ll keep this short and sweet (like a mini-session)!

5. It’s quality over quantity.

Rather than giving you 40 images to sift through that you would get from a standard 1 hour session, with mini’s you get the best of the best. This makes decision making that much easier in terms of selecting and bringing those favorites to life!

4. It’s quick and painless, and easy on the attention span.

Let’s all be real about one thing… being in front of a camera can feel super weird, so I find that most usually don’t want to prolong it. Not to mention, 20 minutes of good attention is about all you get when it comes to kids under the age of 8, anyway. When you look at it like that… 20 minutes compared to one hour? Easy peasy. Y’all got this.

3. It flies by.

Not even kidding, it’s going to feel like 5 minutes, not 20. I’m packing so much into such a condensed period of time to get the shots I want, so you’ll stay busy and I promise you won’t look at your watch once. I’ll direct you well, tell you exactly what to do, and before you know it, I’ll be saying, “Ok guys, I think that’s it!”


2. It’s a great deal!

I believe that all of our sessions are worth the investment, but mini’s are simply a great deal. These days, $200 is definitely reasonable for family photos that you love and will treasure for years to come!

1. It’s four times a year!

It’s amazing how much changes in just 6 months! For young families with growing littles, how great an opportunity to divide up your investment to cover more time. If you don’t want to miss a single stage, try 2 mini-sessions a year, instead of 1 regular session a year.

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