Yep! You read that right! This year we are going to photograph one sweet couple’s wedding for FREE and we couldn’t be more excited!

As we sat down and planned out what 2019 was going to look like, we kept coming back to this idea of giving.

We wanted to give more of our talents, resources, knowledge, heart for weddings and families. We wanted 2019 to be the year that we gave big and without hesitation, leaving nothing on the table. We talked and prayed about new ways that we could love on our fellow vendors, clients, education students, and followers.

Then we decided to go BIG and do a wedding for free. So without further ado…

We want to capture YOUR wedding for FREE! So tell us a little bit about your love story and why we should capture your wedding. The Nancy Ray Photography team will be reading over all submissions and choosing a winner on February 14th, 2019.

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Your photography is gorgeous! My fiancé and I are both missionaries, so our wedding budget is pretty limited. It is pretty difficult to afford photography. Winning free photography would be a HUGE blessing to us!

My fiancé and I are from chapel hill and have dated since high school (9 years at this point!) We come from very different backgrounds as my family and I are from England and her family are farmers from statesville. Not much of my family can come to our wedding since they are from England but we can’t wait to see this fun mix (many who are meeting for the first time) and our friends on top of it. I’ve had two best friends marry two of her best friends in the past 6 months, both of whom also have dated since high school so we have a weird and very close mix of friends. After 9 years this is an incredibly special moment for us and I can’t think of anything better than having the perfect photographer to document it. Thank you for considering!

This time last year Niko Peele & I began our love story. Neither of us expected it. I was not interested in him at all, and we only knew one another in the context of ministry. In fact I thought he didn’t like me as a person bc of how stand-offish he was. One night I had a very detailed dream and at the end of the dream Niko gave a proposition to date. I woke up confused because I wasn’t interested but there was so much peace. The next morning Niko texted me for the first time asking if we could meet. There was so much immediate “spiritual-chemistry” during our meeting that it was evident God was doing something. I thought it was for campus ministry but a month later Niko proposed the idea of dating… we got engaged this past December and plan to be married in September. It would be a dream come true to have this amazing team capture our wedding! We know there will be thousands who will view our photos so we believe this will also be a lovely benefit for you, too!!

Thank you for your consideration, and regardless, may your influence and business expand as your generosity has!!!

Bless you!

Carole Ann + Niko Peele

David and I met in middle school and our paths have continued to cross ever since. Growing up in Raleigh, attending UNC, and now so happily engaged and planning our special day together.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas right? Well not necessarily…2 years & a few weeks ago I had finally done myself a favor & quit trying so hard to find “love” I had gone to the NFR with my close college friends and it was our last night in Vegas. My friends convinced me to wear (what I now look back & deem 1000% terrible) these red, fringe, high heel booties with my outfit. At this point in life, I was proud of me for learning to love myself, having the best time with the best of friends and not worrying about what others thought. Until…I saw this real cute cowboy standing over by the bathroom. (In the back of my head I knew he was waiting for his wife, boy was I wrong.) So this real cute cowboy in his spiffy cowboy hat walked up to our group of friends & said, “Who’s this pretty lady in the red shoes?!” Not only was I mortified because I hated the shoes I was wearing, but this awfully handsome guy noticed me and I wasn’t even trying to meet a guy at this point. So I introduced myself & didn’t make much conversation with this guy, little did I know, he knew my college friends that I was with. After i had walked away & gone back to listen to the band, my friend comes up to me & is trying her hardest to introduce me to this guy. I was so against it! I told her we were in Las Vegas & not one single part of me wanted to meet a guy who I’d never see or talk to again. But….I gave in so she’d leave me alone. I told her I’d dance one dance & be done. One dance turned into 2 and 2 into 6. Next thing I knew, the band was finished, everyone was leaving & I had just danced the night away lost in this cowboys eyes. Turns out we were both from Texas, lived fairly close to each other & I flat out said to him “the ball is in your court” so we exchanged numbers and I just knew I’d nevee talk to the guy again.

On my flight home the next afternoon, I hadn’t heard from him so I chalked up another loss. But as soon as I stepped off the plane, there was that text message. The one that started it all. He drove 3 hours to see me the next 3 weekends, we went on a very few small & simple dates & I felt like I had known this guy forever.

I started officially dating Katlin two months after we met in Vegas. I’d work a few 12 hour night shifts in the ER and when I’d get off work, I’d hop in my car & drive 3 hours to the ranch to go see my cowboy that I couldn’t wait to be with again. 2 years have flown by, I’ve changed jobs, moved cities, and found myself to be the happiest person I’ve ever been.

Dating Katlin has been the most fun. We travel together, we love adventure, we work alongside each other on the ranch. But we also enjoy the simple things like cooking a nice home-cooked meal, drinking a glass of wine, or taking the dogs (who are now best friends) on a walk down the caliche road while we look at the cows.

It’s funny how things hit you when you least expect them to. I never thought I’d meet a guy who would help motivate me, push me & encourage me like he does. My favorite thing though is how much FUN we have together. He’s letting me live out my fairytale & I wouldn’t trade a day of our relationship for anything.

This past November Katlin asked me to be his wife. And in our true fashion, we’re going to enjoy ourselves & do what we enjoy and love to do. That’s travel! We’re going to seal the deal & get married on the beautiful beaches of Cabo San Lucas.

2 years have flown by and there would be nothing better than having great photographers capture the most important day (other than the day he saw those red boots) with the most beautiful scenery in Mexico to shoot our wedding.

We are so glad you are here!

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