Well friends, this is it!

Your NEW page!

Your fresh start!

It’s God’s gift to you: a brand new year, waiting for YOU to fill its hours and days and weeks and months!!!

This day never loses its freshness to me. “His mercies are new every morning,” but I feel like they are especially new on January 1st. God set rhythms and calendars into place for a reason. He gave us weeks to live by, months, seasons and years… all to mark our time, to look back, and to look forward. And it’s SO good to do just that.

I’m going to begin this post by recapping my 2016 goals, and then I’m going to give you the two MOST important steps you can take in preparing your goals for 2017, ending with my 2017 goals. Ready?

2016 Goals: A Recap

CHECK = I completed my goal!
GOAL CHANGE = I changed the original goal to work better for me
** = Incomplete

– Launch the Nancy Ray Online Shop this spring CHECK
– Re-read my 12 most life-changing books CHECK
– Read 4 new books CHECK
– Host the Nancy Ray Book Club CHECK
– Run a 10K CHECK
– Run a Half Marathon (hopefully with my sister and the NRP team!) CHECK
– Have weekly family Sabbaths CHECK (there may have been a few missed weeks here, but overall I feel very good about this one!)
– Have family dinners twice a week**
– Raise $30,000 for ministry** I gave it my all and raised $10,373 !
– Implement 12 “Duty Days” in 2016 – 1 per month (thanks Katelyn for this helpful blogpost!) GOAL CHANGE: I turned my “duty days” into weekly to dos which worked better with my scorecard system!
– Save $30,000 for a new home CHECK
– 12 month marketing plan CHECK
– Write Contentment Challenge E-book CHECK
– Memorize monthly Bible verse (write on our chalk wall)**
– Take my team members to lunch each quarter** (I did this the first quarter only)
– Finish Milly’s Baby book by her 1st birthday CHECK
– Hire a Nanny CHECK
– Create new promo films for NRP CHECK: Watch it here!
– Revise business mission + policies CHECK
– Revisit family photography CHECK
– Celebrate my 30th birthday by doing something fun CHECK
– Attend 6 C12 Groups CHECK
– Continue church Connect Group involvement CHECK
– Join the Worship Team CHECK
– 1 Sugar fast each quarter**
– Implement Pay for Performance Sheets CHECK
– Complete another Contentment Challenge CHECK
– Introduce accountability aspect to Weekly NRP Team Meetings CHECK
– Plan a family vacation CHECK

Of the 29 goals I set for 2016, I didn’t reach 5 of them, and I only changed 1. That’s pretty strong! To honestly assess where things went wrong with the ones I didn’t reach, I either got lazy (sugar fast and scripture memorization), busy (didn’t take my team members out to lunch like I should have, family dinners 2x week), or I gave it my all and still came up short (raising $30K for a ministry).

For the ones I DID reach, I will say this: It took a lot of planning every single week. It took a lot of self discipline to train for a half marathon and complete another contentment challenge and launch an online shop. It took commitment to join our worship team and the ability to have hard, good conversations about things that needed to change. Most of all, it took prioritization and planning.

Take some time and assess your 2016 if you haven’t already. Ask yourself: what happened? Where did things go wrong? What did I do right?


So if you haven’t yet, grab a posterboard, or your Powersheets (highly recommend), or just a blank sheet of computer paper and a sharpie!

Because here is the very first most important step that CANNOT be skipped:

1. You MUST write your goals down.

And the next MOST important step in seeing your goals come to life?

2. You MUST review them regularly

That’s why I post my goals monthly, and review them (most of the time) weekly. If I don’t, they never come to fruition. It really is as simple as that.

Want a few other encouraging and practical goal setting tips and tricks? Read below:

Setting Goals according to Life Categories
On Not Reaching Goals
Setting Goals as a new Mama


This year I prayerfully took time to go through my Powersheets, and I came up with the following 10 Goals. The first 5 are personal, the second 5 are work related. You’ll also see that they aren’t super specific, but they are broad, big picture goals with a strong WHY behind each one. I’ll break them down into a master list, to make them a bit easier to tackle.

2017 GOALS


1. Care for my body well through running, strength training, yoga and healthy eating.

2. Capture and document my family legacy by completing 2014, 2015, and 2016 albums and taking 1 roll of personal film each month.

3. Invest intentional time in my marriage and family by dating Will regularly, and creating a new “Milly afternoon routine” as soon as I get off work at 4 each day.

4. Deepen my spiritual walk through 10 minutes of daily prayer time and an afternoon “daily office” with regular meditation.

5. Read 12 books for self improvement and leisure.


6. Delegate and elevate by hiring a part time studio assistant and adding a 3rd intern in the summer.

7. Successfully launch an online course (all on shooting in film!)

8. Work 3 days a week by the fall (Nov 1.)

9. Update the #nrpstudio space.

10. Invest in the NRP team and their spouses through one on one training, dinners and lunches.



I love that there are 10 goals this year. 10! But those 10 big pictures goals need to be broken down so I can actually set something measurable and achievable. Here is my bullet point list of goals for 2017:

Goal # 1: Care for my body well
– Run 3 10K’s
– Adopt a lifting / strength training weekly routine by February
– Sugar fast in January
– Once a month yoga (10-12 for the year)

Goal #2: Capture and Document my family legacy
– Complete 2014, 2015, and 2016 family yearbook Artifact Uprising albums
– Take 1 roll of personal film each month

Goal #3: Invest intentional time in my marriage and family
– Go on a Date with Will 1-2x month
– Create a new afternoon Milly Routine as soon as I get off work from 4-5 each day

Goal #4: Deepen my spiritual walk
– 10 minutes of daily prayer time and
– Afternoon “daily office” with regular meditation at least 4 days / week

Goal #5: Read 12 Books for self improvement and leisure
– Read 1 book each month

Goal #6: Delegate and Elevate
– Hire a part time studio assistant
– Add a summer intern

Goal #7: Successfully launch an online course
– Finish Filming
– Set up Website
– Market and Launch in May

Goal #8: Work 3 days a week by the fall
– Delegate and train Callie and new hire to take more of my load

Goal #9: Update the #nrpstudio space
– Move Callie out of the closet (ha!)
– Sell and Buy furniture
– Reset Drobo
– Define work spaces for myself, Callie, interns and new hire

Goal #10: Invest in the NRP Team and their spouses
– One on one training
– one on one lunches
– Have each couple over for dinner at some point throughout the year


And last but not least, my JANUARY GOALS for 2017!

– Complete a 2 week sugar fast
– Finish Filming for Online Course
– Go to a Yoga class
– Read Boundaries with Kids
– Take 1 roll of personal film
– Finish 2016 Family Yearbook
– Go on a date with Will
– Brainstorm list of ideas for Milly and Mama routine
– 10 minutes of daily prayer time
– Afternoon Daily Office 4 days / week
– Hire studio asssistant
– Hire interns for 2017
– Move Callie out of the closet (ha!)
– Sell and Buy furniture
– Reset Drobo
– Define work spaces for myself, Callie, interns and new hire


If there’s anything you take away from my goal setting, I hope you see the power of monthly goal setting. You have 12 opportunities throughout the year to put these goals on the pages of your calendar: 12 months! January is FULL, y’all. But I’m convinced it’s going to start this year off strong because of all that’s in store!

I’d LOVE to hear from you and your 2017 goals! Please comment with a link below!

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I just love these goals posts. Thank you so much. Will you be posting your monthly goals each month this year?

Love the idea of taking each team member and spouse to dinner – a perfect fit for your close team! Your goals are always inspiring, friend! Mine are here:


I always love your goal setting posts and am so excited for this year! I don’t blog anymore and since I am having a baby in April this year – my first – I am sticking to just a few goals that are more or less divided by quarters.

1. Prepare for a healthy baby. This mostly involves preparing mentally, physically, and financially for our baby boy. I have picked out three books I really want to read and have a couple secondary books if I have time/feel like it. I want to do some pregnancy safe stretches every morning, keep up with my weekly pilates, and walk every day in addition to eat healthy. And save up as much as I can for me to be able to stop working.

2. Prepare my work for my departure. As I mentioned above, I want to stop working when my baby arrives. There are a lot of factors that went into that decision, but the biggest one was that my husband is getting a promotion 3 months after our baby should arrive, which involves moving to a new city as well as getting a raise that will cover my salary. So it just feels right to try the stay at home mom thing. That being said, I really want to get everything set up for me to leave in three months. I want to take us entirely paperless and ideally begin training someone to replace me in March. I love working for my boss and have too much respect for him to leave him high and dry.

3. Continue nurturing my marriage. Right now, that is going to look like planning a couple date nights each month and ideally one surprise for him each month. After the baby arrives, I want to make it a priority to keep our strength there. I know things will change and we’ll probably drop down to one date night a month, but I do really want to make these happen and for him to know that I love him more than ever.

4. Take care of myself. This is a goal about self-care after the baby arrives, since my prepare for a healthy baby has most of what I want to be doing now. I haven’t really been able to flesh this out yet but as an introvert, I do need time by myself, so I have asked my husband to help me make this happen even if it is only for a little bit each week.

5. Learn how to be a mom. My husband and I want to learn things together so that we can not focus on being perfect parents, but that we can go with the flow. Again, this isn’t really fleshed out either, but I do plan to reassess mid-year.

6. Move to a new city peacefully. I tend to get very stressed over things like this. I want to trust that everything will work out how it is supposed to and that I can take the lead on this by asking others to help me with the baby. I just pray that we can have a smooth transition.

Thanks so much for sharing, Nancy!!! You had a STRONG 2016! Praying 2017 is even stronger! I really appreciate all you shared. I learn so much through your example. So true that we are often our own biggest obstacle. I’ve been working on my Powersheets as well. (Blessed to win Lara’s recent giveaway!!!) My word for the year is INTENTIONAL and my goals are wrapped around it (i.e., being intentional as a mom, wife, writer, child of God, etc..). Now, however, I want to work off your example and go deeper. Bless you and thanks again! :-)

I look forward to reading your goals every month, Nancy! I love how honest you are with yourself and the grace that you allow in the midst of the discipline.

My goals for 2017 are here: bit.ly/littleletteringblog

I’m looking to read 12 books this year too, which is big for me! Looking forward to hearing about your year!

I always enjoy this from you. Thanks for sharing.. on purpose.

I love the way you think outside of the box when it comes to setting goals! It inspires me to hope for possibilities in my own goals even if they may not be present today. Can’t wait to see you knock these goals out in 2017 and sharing your stories behind them!!

Love this post as well as your hopes for your 30s, Nancy!! Happy New Year and happy birthday!!!

My 2017 + January goals are here:

I love your posts on goal setting! They are always so encouraging! You have great goals and they really inspire me. I 100% agree with writing your goals down and revisiting them. If not you forget about them too soon!

I shared my January goals here – http://natalievandrews.blogspot.com/2017/01/january-goals.html?m=1

I realized today I’ve been following you for over a year now! I’ve never commented (that I can remember) but one of my goals for the year is to be more sincere and generous with others— so I really just feel that I should say THANK YOU to you! You are so kind and hard working and I’ve found myself looking to you as a role model in so many ways–even though I live in pennsylvania and will likely never meet you! Your good financial stewardship actually inspired my husband and I pay off all our debt (student loan + car) YEARS early, we saved $$ for a down payment and just bought our first home! I also so admire your kind and honest spirit. It is so easy to see your heart in all you do. Thanks for sharing with us!! Good luck with your 2017 goals. ❤️

Happy New Year Nancy! I love reading your goals each month and year, and am always super inspired by you! I don’t do monthly goals (yet), but here are my goals for 2017 if you want to check them out :)


Oh, and happy birthday! Your surprise party looked so fun! Good job to Will for pulling it off!!

Happy New Year, Nancy! I get so inspired reading your goals. You can find my 2017 and January goals at the link below!


Are you following a certain sugar fast or doing it in your own? Can you tell me a little more about it?

Happy New Year Nancy! I so enjoy reading your goals and learning from the balance and specificity of them. I’ve posted my monthly goals for January at the link below and will be sharing my 2017 goals next week! :)

We are so glad you are here!

Welcome to the NRP Blog! Enjoy getting to know our hearts and our work. We are so grateful you stopped by!