20 Images That Will Make You Cry

I look for the gospel in what I capture through my photography. The Lord is in so much of what surrounds us, but we are often too busy to stop and see Him. He is in the small moments, He’s in the emotions that run high on a wedding day, He’s in the changes of the weather, He’s in the vibrant colors of springtime, He’s so very present in the room when I’m capturing a birth, He’s in the creativity and businesses of my friends in this industry, He’s in the soft touch of a grandparent’s loving hand, He’s everywhere. Often times people tell us they cry when they see our photos. My prayer is that when people are actually moved to tears, they know it has to do more with a beautiful God than a beautiful photo.

We believe in creating a legacy with how we live our lives and in the way we capture yours! Grab a tissue and enjoy looking through some of our all time favorite emotional images that we have taken over time! Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom to sign up for a brand new PDF that we are giving away for FREE – 5 Steps to Preserve Your Legacy Through Photographs.




















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  • Rachel said:

    This is such a beautiful post Nancy!! I love the way your team captures special moments!!

  • Allison said:

    You nailed the title of this blog post. This was one of the most incredible blog posts you've shared. Thank you.

  • Allie said:

    Amen. This is beautiful!

  • Em said:

    Yep, definitely made me tear up! So beautiful!!

  • Pattie Stephenson said:

    I still tear up looking at the beautiful images from Anna and Ben's wedding. Thank you so much for your beautiful work!

  • Sissy said:

    Just cried. So beautiful - I saw Him in each photograph ❤️

  • Paige LaRue said:

    Hi there! My fiancé are interested in seeing your pricing/costs for photographs and video of our wedding. Our date is May 26, 2018.

  • Will Ray said:

    Wow hadn't seen this. What a great post.