i am so excited about 2010.  my mind keeps racing about all that is before me, all of my dreams, goals, & desires.  this year is going to be big, and i can feel it.

as you know, i update my posts regularly with monthly goals on the first of each month.  so while i do have a few new years’ resolutions, i focus more on the month-to-month goals that keep me focused & inspired.  as i am a BIG believer in goals, and since this is going to be such an amazing year, i have written before you the POST OF ALL POSTS.  i am going to outline my monthly goals, my new years resolutions, and dare i say… my life goals.  “my life goals” is going to be a long running list that i will constantly add to, and check off things accomplished.  i will soon include it as a link at the top of this blog, so other dreamers & goalmakers can keep me accountable! treat this blog as a little introduction to my life goals, and keep checking in :].

so grab a cup of coffee & enjoy!  and if you desire to comment, please include at least one of your goals for this upcoming year. :] happy 2010!

january goals:
get settled into our new home!
clean out everything: take lots of trips to goodwill, the trash, & the consignment store
update my website
empty & load the dishwasher every evening
learn to STOP in the middle of editing when my husband comes home, and welcome him with a big kiss! (i can get too focused sometimes)
eat more fruit
drink more water
begin a bible study

2010 new year’s resolutions:
eat less meat & more vegetables/fruit
take time for relationships. spend less time in front of the computer.
plan & execute a workshop for beginner photographers!
be better at ironing & laundry
get into a habit of running in our cute new neighborhood

my LIFE goals:

1.  get published in real simple, grace ormond, the knot, weddings unveiled, & southern weddings

2.  have a wedding photography business that shoots 20-30 weddings/year & 20-30 families/year
(just me & will – before hiring associate photographers)

3.  get a dog (a great dane or a german pointer)

4.  buy a house

5.  go on a hot air balloon ride

6.  teach photography workshops in NC and in other states with another photographer or two

7.  grow to be more in love with will when we’re old than we are right now (which is a LOT!)

8.  speak at a photography convention

9.  hire associate photographers to work full time for NRP

10.  offer one-on-one sessions for photography & business training

11.  have the cutest little family you’ve ever seen!  3 kids would be amazing.

12.  decorate my house with fresh peonies just for me

13.  have a huge slumber party for all my nephews & niece(s?) when they are old enough

14.  book a wedding in another country

15.  get beautiful letterpress business cards {DONE!}

16.  volunteer my photography for my church

17.  get a 5d markii

18.  keep my hair short for one whole year

19.  meet jose villa, millie holloman (DONE!), jeremy cowart, chenin boutwell, and sarah rhoads

20.  get a nice, custom designed blog

21.  do something really fun to surprise will for no reason

22.  shoot an event styled by joy thigpen, with joy thigpen

23.  host thanksgiving dinner

24.  move back to raleigh – DONE  12/29/09

25.  take a trip with the minkies

26.  sell nancy ray photography t•shirts

27.  learn to shoot super8 cinematography and incorporate it as a part of NRP

28.  have a giant party for all my photographer friends in my home-studio

29.  have a splurge day at pottery barn!  {pb giftcards are the way to my heart}

30.  have a splurge day at anthropologie!  {yes, more giftcards please!}

31.  go to europe with william

32.  document what’s going on with remember nhu in thailand

33.  take dance lessons again and get really good at shagging, the lindy, & dare i say… west coast swing

34.  shoot a wedding in NYC

35.  collaborate with lara casey for a shoot for southern weddings

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I really hope you reach your goals. I’m rooting for you all the way!

I might have a lead for #5 :)

My best friend’s husband is a hot air balloon pilot. He does a lot of charity work throughout the year and is always looking for a good crew member or two to help out!

We’ve done the Nascar camp for kids will illnesses with him during the summer. It’s hard work, but a lot of fun. Not to mention, it would be a great photo shoot.

In fact – you know her I believe. I think she played at your wedding. Sherry Lattin who owns Florian Music?

Great list, Nancy. I know you will accomplish it all with flying colors.

great list chica! can’t wait for #28 – i’ll drive in from charlotte! :)

Love these- especially the ones about collaborating with other exceptional talent in the industry. And I’m super impressed that you’ve already been able to cross a few off the list- have you blogged about your business cards?! Also, once you complete #3, you’ll wonder how it is you ever survived life without a dog!

Your goals inspires me! It motivates me! THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing! If you come to NYC I would love to meet you!!:)
I made 2 resolution lists for this year. One for my personal life and one for my business. The lists are bery big, but with God’s help I can do it! :)
Few of my goals are: – pray more – be more like jesus – loose 20 pounds – swim at least 3 times a week – do mentor session/workshop – buy 85mm f1/2 – blog more (get more personal), etc, etc…

Love the post about stopping editing when Will gets home- there’s a thing about that, I think it’s called the 90 second rule – being more conscious of the first 90 seconds you spend with your loved ones every time you see each other. I’m working on it too!

GREAT list! And I love the picture too… one of my goals this year is to plant wildflowers in my yard and keep at least one vase of frest flowers in my house all summer long!

Ohhh, I would LOVE to attend one of your workshops… I LOVE your work!! I follow your blog daily… you are such an inspiration!

Hi Nancy! Thanks for sharing your goals! One of my goals for this year is to learn more about Christ and develop a more stable relationship with him. Therefore, if you do start a bible study–would you let me know? Happy New Year!

Hi Nancy! Love your work!!! I’m one of those beginner photographers and would love to attend your workshop….I hope it happens. Happy New Year to you and your husband!

Congratulations on a wonderful year, Nancy! Your blog has been such an encouragement for me. I always look forward to seeing your blog in BOLD in my Google Reader! My goal this year is to go to lots of workshops and to remind myself regularly that God is the reason I’m so blessed to do what I do! ♥

Oooh your goals make me so motivated! One of my goals is to memorize a scripture verse each week (and retain it, being able to write out each one every week– that’s the tricky part)!

And if I end up meeting a handsome Czech man, you must shoot my overseas wedding 😉

Nancy! This is Charity Kiziah, now Palmer (from ASU). Maybe you remember? :) I stumbled on your blog and I think it’s just precious. Can you please take pictures of the hot air balloon ride you take one day? I’m most positive you will take amazing pictures of it! This year I am going to work on doing more paintings. Nancy, keep up the great work–you’re an inspiration! Happy 2010!

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